• When: 2017-10-31
  • QIC: Beads
  • The PAX: Insanity, Pole Position, Spanky, DoubleStuff, Fallout, BetaMax, Jenny, Improv, Boris, Cornstache, DriveBy, DoubleRub, Subprime, McLovin, Adrian, PaperBoy, Spot, Welcome Week, Huffy, Biggie Smalls, Beads

Third Annual Thunder Spooktacular

Another year and another Halloween. YHC was blessed (or cursed!) with almost double the number of pax as previous years. Some like Biggie and BetaMax even took things up a notch with their matching Twinkies costumes. With pressure from previous years, I had to take this Spooktacular up a notch, so we went with a green-lit pumpkin this year and beats from Michael Jackson’s Thriller pumping prior to the workout. One it began, it followed pretty much the same format as last year:

The Thang

This year’s pumpkin contained 20 common core and resistance exercises. In a modified Dealer’s Choice, the pax took turns choosing two exercises from the pumpkin and creating a mini-Q around them. The only rule was that they had to incorporate both exercises. Once done, they took the pumpkin and headed out into any direction they wanted to the next block.

Since the workout was improvised based on what was chosen from the pumpkin, I don’t have the exact format of what we did, but can tell you there were a lot of burpees and merkins involved. It was definitely nice to see the guys cross Devine street and venture into the almost never-used Old Shandon neighborhood. There were definitely a few issues this year that will be improved on for the Fourth Annual Spooktacular. Largely, next year’s event will include a lot less running so we can focus more on the boot camp aspect of the workout and so that all pax get a chance to draw from the pumpkin. But overall, everyone had fun and #gotbetter.


Thunder’s Third Annual Spooktacular