• When: 2/2/13
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Beamer, Beano, Boss Hogg (War Daddy), Chaser, Crawlspace, Heartbreaker, Logo, Mule (War Baby, again), Padre, Robber, Roscoe, Sled, Spud, Stacatto, Stegman, Stent, Sway, Termite, Tonto, Promo, Windmill, Chugger, Molar (FNG Michael Littlejohn), Lay-a-bout (FNG John Thorne)

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill

The shovel flag was proudly planted and 23 pax descended onto the frozen tundra of Dreher High School to ponder the question “Does the cold numb the pain, or does the pain numb the cold?” Sway was prepared with two workouts and gave Padre a chance to play Obama: The Red Pill or The Blue Pill? Padre chose red, and the pain commenced as ice crunched underfoot (do they really need sprinklers in February?)

Conditions: 29 degrees and clear

The Thang:

SSH x22
Imperial Walkers x22
LBC x22
Merkins x13
Squats x22
Flutters x22
Mountain Climbers x13

Strings Of Fire
100 yard sprints x4 followed by:
1) Merkins x8, Mtn Climbers x7, Squats x7 (22 Total reps, each set)
2) Wide Merkins x8, Freddie x7, Silver surfers x7
3) Asstastic Planks x8, Diam Merkins x7, Jungle Bois x7
4) Merkins x8, Flutter x7, Power Jumps x7

Run to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile:
Curls x22
Squats x22
Russian Twist x13
Press x13
Rows x22
Pick Em Up, Put Em Down x 13
Grips to fence and back
(Leave blocks to clean up after)

Sideline Ark Loader:
Bear Crawl to Soccer Goal
Backward Bear Crawl back (crowd pleaser)
Crab walk to goal
Lunge walk back
Bunny Hops x2
Rabbit Drill
Frog Leaps to opposite sideline

Run to Hollywood Squares:
Incline Merkins x13
One Leg Lunges x13 each
Dips x13
Decline Merkins x13
Two man tire flips x3

Six Minutes of Mary – Dealer’s Choice:
Heartbreaker: LBC x25
Beano: Flutters x82 (not a typo – crowd pleaser)
Logo: Boat/Canoe x4
Chaser: Moving Merkins x10
Roscoe: Mountain Climbers x10
Mule: Freddie x22
Padre: Burpees x10


Ball of Man: Padre led prayer, redeemed himself for choosing “the red pill.”


  • 2/2/13 theme – most counts to 22 or 13 UNTIL…
  • Beano called flutters in Mary “in honor of the 82nd Airborne Division.” We did 82. Abundant cries of BS.
  • Sway: “Next time we’re doing those in honor of the Big Red 1.”
  • There is a motion on the floor to rename Lt. Colonel Beano “Major BS.” It has been seconded.
  • Racing shirt and Spartan Race promoted.
  • Welcome back Windmill! And welcome to Chugger posting from CLT. Also good to see Boss Hogg.
  • Epsteins Mothers to Tahj, Mission, Mel, Seeker, and a couple more who made the effort but I can’t remember.
  • Chugger in town for his brother-in-law’s birthday dinner, tells him at the table on Friday night “Don’t drink too much, you’re going with me to Dreher at 7am.” Welcome Lay-a-bout. #HeHadNoChoice
  • Working hard here to keep the pace quick and steady with little down time, cram a bunch into an hour. Leaving the blocks ’til after saved idle time. #NoteForFutureQs

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