• When: 1/31/13
  • QIC: Logo and Mule
  • The PAX: Beano, Chaser, Cheesy, Crawlspace, Dr. Phil, Logo, Mel, Mule, Nap, Regis, Roscoe, Rosebud, Seeker, Sled, St. Joe, Sway, Tajh, Termite, Tonto, Wide Right, Woody, Flossy (FNG Chris O'Neill)

Against the Wind

23 pax survived the “storm of the century” to post in the Columbia gloom on Thursday and were greeted with brilliantly clear skies and a stiff and chilly headwind. Logo took the lead and led the group on a punishing run before Mule made his debut at QIC with a solid agenda.

Conditions: 44 degrees, clear, very windy

The Thang:

Logo’s Loop:
DHS to Daly – 20 Merkins (standard)
Daly to Michigan, at Michigan sprint to Devereaux – plank, R/L arm raises
Devereaux to Michigan – Lunge walk x30
Michigan to Adger – plank L/R, Wide Merkins x20, Rabbit Drill  x:60
Adger toward Millwood, sprint last 100m – Merkins x 20, LBC x20, Plank arms L/R
Millwood to DHS – lunge walk x 30, plank arms L/R

The Era of Mule Begins – Run to Upper Field for COP

Merkins x 12
LBC x 25
Russian twist x 20
Mountain Climbers x 15
Freddie Mercury x 20
Peter Parkers x 8

Run to Big Wall:

Balls to the Wall x3
People’s chair x :60
Mule kicks in cadence x 5
People’s chair x :60
Indian run around lower field
people’s chair x:60
Mule kicks x 8

Run to rear parking lot:

Plank with R/L Arm Lift
Merkins x10
Regular sit-ups x15
Jungle Boi’s x18 (Sway)

Ball of Man: Seeker led prayer with a “wind” theme.

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Anyone who is not on Twitter needs to be, if for no other reason than to read the exchange from last night between Chaser (@pjasonreynolds) and the WIS TV Weatherman who spent all day building up the “dangerous storm” only to have a moderate rainfall that just didn’t live up to expectations. Chaser was chastised in the COT for picking on the poor guy.
  • You should also be on Twitter to follow @F3Nation and @F3Columbia for information. All you late adopters, feel free to step into 2009 at any time. #WhatAreYouWaitingFor?
  • Solid first Q for Mule! #BuildingLeaders
  • Considering the storm buildup doom and gloom and the Beano Beatdown on Tuesday, 23 was a respectable number today. To listen to the Cantore’s, you’d have thought we’d be underwater and without power this morning.
  • The “Mule Kicks” on the wall were awesome, and I particularly liked Mule’s “Read the Disclaimer” comment while explaining the exercise. #NotAProfessional


  • Big Bang date for @F3LakeMurray (Irmo/Chapin/Lexington) is Saturday, March 2nd at Seven Oaks Park. Please refer any contacts in that area first to www.F3Nation.com and direct them to the video called “This is F3” on the right hand side. Then, please send their names and email addresses to [email protected] so we can keep them in the loop. We need to have 15-20 guys there to make the effort worthwhile. Sway, Tajh, and Mission have volunteered to Q to help get them started.
  • F3 has also received inquires from Sumter, SC. If you have contacts there, gauge interest and report back.
  • Momentum is gathering for a running improvement workout on Mondays. Mission, Stegman, and Termite are taking the lead — additional information forthcoming.
  • Lastly, discussions have been had regarding a “Fitness Test” of some description. The idea is to conduct the test to establish baseline levels and then repeat the test at some regular interval (e.g. quarterly or monthly) so we can mark improvement. Charlotte has a workout called “The Murph” that’s similar. The baseline test will likely happen on an upcoming Saturday. Feel free to offer input on elements to include.

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