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The Chariot Trail Run with a Purpose

Have you ever seen a team in a run or adventure event where one member has some limitations that require the other team to “carry the load” and you question why are they doing that event?  We had the privledge this evening to see why those teams do what they do.

Five pax including one FNG ventured out to complete a trail run in a fashion that we probably have never experienced. You see, the FNG, has cerebral palsy and is not willing to let limitations hold him back. This Eagle Scout is driven and is willing to “crash” and get back up to experience what many of us do each day without hardly breaking a sweat.

The Thang

We met at Polo Road Community Park to begin our journey into neighboring Sesquicentennial State Park. We began by suiting up in the proper protective gear and strapping in for what what be an adventurous ride. Imagine a modified wheelchair traveling down a sand/dirt trail at a pace that left other pax winded part way through the trip. With two short stops to readjust and provide a light stretch, we completed 4.54 miles in 54 minutes.

Some may say that’s not fast but think about the modified wheelchair on a sand/dirt trail. One puller, Butter, and three pushers rotating provided for a full body workout for this F3 team.


  • Major T-claps to Butter for making the commitment to help his friend enjoy some of the pleasures and pain we all enjoy as part of F3 by completing a trail run but even more for his commitment to help him complete the upcoming Tough Mudder in Charlotte this next weekend.
  • T-claps to Pajanimals for helping this team modify the wheelchair to provide better steering and mobility as well as committing to assist in the Tough Mudder.
  • Great workout for all five Pax that came out on this beautiful evening to enjoy a “run in the park.”


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  1. Great work guys. Inspirational for sure. I have often seen those teams you are talking about doing events and thought about the courage it takes for those with limitations (sometimes severe) to get out there and do what they do. I’m sure some do it to bring recognition to help others with their disability or cause. Others probably just to prove to themselves they can do it. Either way awesome stuff. I’d be honored to help in any way I can Saturday.

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