• When: 08/10/15
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Holy Poker, Serena, Skirt, Pondo, Tonto, Beacon, Kenny G, Land Shark, Crack

Stumbling up and down Wood Hill

10 men set out in the humid gloom to get better. Here’s what you missed:


The Thang:

Mondays are hill days at Stumble, and believe it or not we have some good ones over near Old Woodlands. Specifically we have Wood Hill and Hampton Hill. Today we attacked Wood Hill from three different directions.

Here is a link to the route.

Basically, this is the Pelham Loop that we’ve done in the past. It gives us three opportunities to run to the top of Wood Hill, and that’s what we did. From AO, L on Olde Knight, R on Chambly, L on Queens Way, R on Old Woodlands, L on Garner’s Ferry, L on Pelham, R on Arborwood to top of hill and down, R on Pelham, R on Gills Creek Parkway, R on High Hill Drive, L on Promatory Point back down around other cul-de-sac, then down High Hill Drive, R on Gills Creek Parkway, R on Rosewood, R on Garner’s Ferry, R on Woodhill Circle, R on Garner’s Ferry, R on Olde Woodlands, L on Queens Way, R on Chambly, L on Olde Knight back to AO.


Distance was somewhere between 5.25 and 5.3. Paces were good. Strong push and competition amongst various subgroups during the run, which you got to love to see. Routes like this should help when we are climbing in the Blue Ridge during the BRR.


8/15/15 – Little Mountain Half-Marathon. Do it.

8/22/15 – Launching the new, on-campus AO, the Spur. Let YHC, Chaser, Nikita, or anyone else know if you know someone that needs to be there. Launch is at Blatt PE starting at 0700.

8/29/15 – Woodshed Convergence. Gonna be Huge.

MudRun – Let Heist know if you are interested. Also, the Mission guys are going to run it, and we are looking for established F3 guys to partner with them. 2 guys that have done the MudRun with two guys from the Mission’s program that have not. If interested let Robber or YHC know ASAP.

Other stuff….

That’s all…for now

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