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Ironyard Return of the Dreher

AO: iron_yard
Q: Fallout (1st F)
PAX: Ash, Teddy, Silver Bullet, Pipeline, Quaker, Fallout (1st F), Spot
FNGs: None
WARMUP: 3.2 mile stridelite with Quaker

SSH, IC, 20
Thru the Tunnel, IC, x10
LBAC, IC, x10

2 rounds each:
Halos x5
Turkish get ups x3 per side
Windmills x5 per side

Single leg Romanian deadlifts x5 per side
Palm presses x5 per side
1/4 get ups x5 per side

Goblet squats x5
Plank pull thrus x5 per side
Bottoms up presses x5 per side

Farmers Carries, 20 kb swings

The Thang:

Swing Squat cleans x5 each side
Push press x5 each side
Burpee deadlifts x5
Farmers Carries, 20 kb swings

Goblet squats x5
Kb pushups x5 each side
Gorilla rows x5 each side
Farmers Carries, 20 kb swings

Bulgarian split squats x5 each side
Press x5 each side
Front rack back lunges x5 each side
Farmers Carries, 20 kb swings

Snatch x5 each side
Thrusters x5 each side
Taters x5
Farmers Carries, 20 kb swings

Ash let us know he only showed up cause he thought it was some sort of special occasion.

Columbia 11-yr, Oct-14th!
Help us push to be better and serve better.

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