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Roanoke does the motivator

AO: Down_Range
Q: SweetTart
PAX: SweetTart, 10 HIMs from F3 Roanoke
FNGs: None

Mosey around the fields
The Motivator, apparently this was the second attempt after a failed previous try at it. started rough but finished strong Bunkbed would’ve been proud.
Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, stretching, slow fast squats.

tennis court repeat with coupons.
hallelujahs, merkins, man Makers, snatch. with rifle carries and lung walks.
those without the coupon did merkins/big boys, mountain climbers/Flutter kicks, and ssh/raise the roofs.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things but fair to say Roanoke did work and YHC got better.

Plank until times up.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: upcoming csaup, new ao changes, and designated storage space for coupons coming.

COT: Prayers for those in need.

Coffeeteria at Sweet donkey 🫏.

If you find yourself on Roanoke post there are some quality men doing work here.

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