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Discount Downpainment

38 bargain hunters gathered around the shovel flag planted in Irmo this AM. A warning shot was fired last night across the Twitterverse as the QIC sat in the women’s department at Belk’s awaiting his wife while she shopped. As the workout was finalized prior to being unleashed on the pax this AM, there was something about sitting in a chair behind the pocket book display that caused YHC to make today’s workout just a little more painful.
BOM led by Brother Cy
Jog to baseball field
Pax count off 1-5 for future group work
SSH x 20
IW x 10
Windmills x 10
Arm Circles (F&B) x 10
Squats x 10
Merkins x 10
LBC’s x 10

Jog to football field

Laps around cones. Exercising as a group.
Shuffling side to side (inside & out)
Jogging backward / forward
Jogging high knees / kick backs
Walking lunges x 20
SSH x 20 (IC)
Merkins x 20 (IC)
Mtn Climbers x 20 (IC) / Bear Crawls
CLBCs x 20 (IC)
Low plank 0:45
Walking Lunges Indian Run length of football field (2 groups)
Separate into groups 1-5 for 5 Station Workout
Circuit 1 AMRAP 1:00
Jogging Curls Situps SSH Merkins
Rinse & Repeat (0:45 per station on 2nd round)

Circuit 2 AMRAP 1:00

Walking lunges Triceps extensions LBC’s Burpees Mountain climbers
Line up on goal line
100 yard sprints + exercise (total 1 minute)
100 yard Sprint + SSH
100 yard Sprint + Merkins
100 yard Sprint + Mountain climbers
100 yard Sprint + Flutter kicks
100 yard Sprint + Burpees
100 yard Sprint + LBC’s
100 yard Sprint + Low plank
Mosey to parking lot
BOM led by Alter Boy
Sent from secure Blackberry
Great effort by the Strut Brigade once again this AM! The workout had the pax on the move almost non-stop for the full hour. We started the workout with a ball of man, and YHC is thankful that the Good Lord answered Brother Cy’s prayer request that the pax not kill Alter Boy before the workout was over! A great spirit of teamwork and solidarity was felt amongst the group. The core principle of no man left behind is demonstrated every workout by the men at Strut.
Continue to pray for Justin Carter (Rx) as he recovers from minor surgery and for his 4 year old son that will have heart surgery on October 1.
The shirt order is going for one more week. If you would like to get an F3 Columbia royal blue shirt, please visit the gear section of the website.
There is continued interest in expansion to Chapin. There are over 10 guys that have committed to getting this started. If you are interested, please email [email protected] with Chapin Expansion as the subject line. Please also include your physical address as Crash has offered to determine a good meeting location based on where everyone lives. Crooked Creek Park is the location being considered at this point.
The golf outing is scheduled for October 10. Please contact Uno or Alter Boy if you are interested. We need to provide the golf course a head count next week. A preblast will be up on the site later today.

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