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Hip Hop Bear Crawls

43 downtown Columbia men (including 1 FNG) assembled in the gloom at Dreher High School for a split Q between Splinter and Sway and the Amble guys training for the Governor’s cup. The 9 or 10 runners arrived a little early and took off on their weekly “long run,” this week an 8-mile jaunt (cue the Eminem) through Shandon. The remaining pax counted off, formed a double ring COP for warmup, and then split with either Splinter or Sway depending on their number. It was universally determined that bear crawls and single-leg brick hops are un-fun.

The Thang:

Strings of fire (Sway):
Lower Field end line – run 100yds to other end
Merkins x20
Squats x20
Freddie Mercury x20

[Repeat x3]

Move to sideline:
Bearcrawl across field
Bearcrawl back
Bearcrawl across field
Bearcrawl back

Move to Hollywood Sqares:
Dips x15 in cadence
Iron Man crunch x15
Step ups x20 each leg
Decline Merkins x10

Brick-Block Station on Upper Field (Splinter):
“Brick hops” = bricks in both hands at your sides, hop in place without touching your heels to the ground
Brick hops both feet 20 4ct
Brick hop right foot 10 4ct
Brick hop left foot 10 4ct
Brick hop both 20 4ct

1 Gasser

Squat thruster w/bricks 15
Lunge 5 each leg 10 total
Block squat thrusters 5
Block lunge 5
Block lateral hop 10

1 Gasser

Max block curls 1 minute
Max block standing press 1 minute
Max block switch push-ups 1 minute

Reassemble COP at Lower Field for Six Minutes of Mary (really only 5):
Spread Eagle situps x15
Russian Twist x20
Scissors x20
Flutter Kicks x25
Snow Angle x1
Hip Rocks x15

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  • Order blue shirts by next Sunday if you want them prior to convergence on October 26
  • Families Helping Families was discussed
  • Mud Run slots are available
  • Golf outing is October 10 — need names this week.


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