• When: 10/6/15
  • QIC: Dark Helmet
  • The PAX: Menthol, Maximus, Crab Cakes, Catfish, Italian Job, and all the Pax that donated to the cause

Columbia Drop #2

With 12 hours notice, the guys from Rock Hill, Tega Cay, Indian Land, and Fort Mill gathered 9,000 bottles of water, several bags of clothes and towels, food, shoes, toiletry items, and blankets for those in need in Columbia. Today, YHC and four of my brothers delivered five truckloads of supplies to a retirement community and a donation drop off location. I am so blessed to call these men my brothers in Christ and to see their example of His love in this world.

When there is a need, these men give their time, money, and energy to be the arms, hands, and feet of Christ to those in need. We’ve said it before: F3 is more than a fitness group, we’re a band of brothers.

Thank you men for humbling yourselves and doing what you know is needed in a broken and hurt world. You all exemplify what a High Impact Man is and your leadership in our community shows our children what it’s like to be a true man of God. I am blessed to be associated with F3 and the men that step up when the world steps out. At F3, we don’t sit on the sidelines and watch; we jump in the game and make things happen.

Now I challenge you. Step up and be a #HIM. Gather more donations and contact Dark Helmet to coordinate taking them down to our brothers in need. Also remember, there is still a need for financial contributions. Some lost everything, so anything you can spare is appreciated https://www.gofundme.com/9x5mxfv8

Finally, pray for all those affected. Lift up the families of those in need. Pray for strength, courage, and guidance. Ask for healing and peace. Our God can do anything. Don’t sit around and wait for someone else to take action. Do it. Listen when our Father calls you. Do what you know is right.

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