• When: 01/26/13
  • QIC: Mission
  • The PAX: Cheesy, Dr. Phil, Logo, Low Dot, Mission, Mississippi, Mule, Nap, Padre, Pothole, Robber, Seeker, Sled, St. Joe, Stegman, Sway, Tajh, Termite, Tonto, Touch n Go, Woody, Promo (FNG Jeff Corbett)

Be careful who you invite to F3!

Weather:  38 degrees and overcast at kickoff

I really enjoyed being QIC, thanks for the honor.  My goal was to warm the pax up fully, get the pax heart rate maxed out, and then hit all the major muscle groups until failure.  I don’t know if the plan worked… but this was what we did.

Warm up – run a round the fields

SSH x15
Forward arm circles x15
High knees x15
Backward arm circles x15
Butt kicks x15
LBC x15
Mountain climbers x15
Merkins x10
Flutter kicks x15

Field Games
Bear crawl/crab walk/backwards run back
High knee thrust down/backwards run back
Lunge/sprint/backwards run back
Sprint down sprint back 5 burpees (x3) 

Heartbreakers brick pile (lopsided lifting)
One arm bent over row x10 per side
Asstastic planks x16
Curls x15
Calf press x15 per side

Right weighted squates x15
Canted Pushups (rt had on Block) x7
Left weighted squates x15

Hollywood Squares

Dips x15
Incline Merkins x15
Steps Right x15
Steps Left x15
Six minutes of Mary
Boat Canoe x4 (Logo)
Freddy M x15 (Padre)
High Plank (going btw rt and lt arm) x4 (Sway)
Russian Twist x15 (Mule)
Peoples Wall
Peoples Chair 90sec
Merkins x10
Jungle Bois x18
Merkins x10
Peaples Chair 60sec
Great group this week but smaller at 22 with the Red Nose Run and many Epstiens Mothers.  T claps to the guys who supported RM house with the run and for sporting your F3 gear.  Irmo launch coming and we need some guys to show up across the river to help them get started… more on that coming.
Your probably wondering about the title of this backblast… Welcome FNG today now PROMO.  When asked how he found out about the workout, he said that a friend from Charlotte sent him…. then he said “I owe him an A*s kicking.”  As the Q… I was especially proud!  Glad I was not the only one who felt smoked today.  See you Tuesday in the Gloom

0 thoughts on “Be careful who you invite to F3!”

  1. Great Q Mission! Probably the best moment was during the Hollywood Squares merkins in front of about 40 kids lined up to check in to take the SAT at the high school. Mission’s cadence included such gems as “Good Luck on the SAT, If you don’t know guess C, It’s important for your future, You don’t want to end up like me, Work hard and do well.” (read each of those in cadence-style — it was funny.)

    1. It’s always good to incorporate bystanders into the workout. #LabraDoodleWalkers are always good props: “You, with the dog, it’s not too late!”

      1. Sway and I decided this morning that our next goal is to goad someone into joining the workout who just happens to be in our area of operations… which we are going to extend into the surrounding area for just this purpose. We did get soft commit from an administrator but he was wearing a suit so neglected to join for the wall work.

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