• When: 1/19/2013
  • QIC: OBT, Moniteur and Dredd
  • The PAX: Beamer, Beano, Coach, Cutler, Dr. Phil, Heartbreaker, Heist, Lambchop, Logo, Luke, Mel, Mission, Neighbor, Noodle, Padre, Pothole, Regis, Robber, Romney, Roscoe, Spud, Stegman, Stent, Sway, Tajh, Termite, Tonto, Woody, Dredd, Crotch Rocket, OBT, Moniteur, UCLA (FNG Reese Boyd), St. Joe (FNG Jack Ellenberg), E.D. (FNG John Cook), Queen Bee (FNG Dutch Minor), FNG Robert Harris (Touch and Go?), Dwayne (FNG and War Daddy Arthur Slade), Stacatto (FNG Ward Bradley), Sheeba (FNG JeriKatherine Sipes), FNG Regis's brother

F3/Columbia 1/19/2013 The presentation of the Shield! (Super late post)

The shovelflag was planted in the gloom and 41 Pax gathered to put a downpainment on the day!  30 Degrees at start.


Launch, run to field for warmup COP

SSH to 26

Merkins to 21

High Dollies to 21

Squats to 21

Mountain Climbers to 16


Run off campus, pause at first intersection for plank rotation


Run to bottom of Mama CR Mountain; Jacob’s Ladder to 5


Turn over to Moniteur

“String of Fire”  A series of 3 exercises at one end of the field and then sprint to the other end and repeat.  4 sprints and 12 different exercises (burpees, flutters, LBC, Merkins, dollys, slow high flutter, etc)

Turn over to Dredd

COP(merkins, lbc, side straddle hop)

6 Minutes of Mary (LBC, Flutter, Rosilita, knee up, etc)

Push-o-rama  (Merkins, wide arms, diamonds, merkins)

Wall work (Peoples Chair 2x, Partner Squats and calf raises)



Naked Man Moleskin

Speaking for the Charlotte Crew, we are very impressed at the growth in Columbia!  Your current growth rate is faster than Charlotte ever experienced.  As a Columbia native I am very proud of how well my city has taken hold of a great idea.

The Shield is a big hit and much appreciated!  Dredd slept with it several nights in a row.  Rumor has it that OBT is snuggling up with it now.  Needless to say I will never see that sucker again.

The Thicket is also the envy of F3 Nation.  No other site has a set up like that.  I have mentioned to several but when the weather warms up you guys might want to think about changing clothes prior to the Thicket.  You guys will end up smelling like wet hot garbage.  We know this from experience…

Lots of Larry Birds on the Jacobs Ladder!  The fitness level of the crowd is moving up fast.  Keeping pushing yourselves.

Make sure you guys check the website.  One of the best things we do in F3 are CSUAP events (Mudruns, Spartans, etc.  We had 280 guys out for a practice run for the mudrun this am at the Whitewater Center.  Plenty of events including the Spartan in March.  Let us know if interested!

Must admit I told Dredd and OBT we should go a different weekend because we would not have a good turnout on MLK Weekend…… 41

Deep Thoughts:  “I bet if you reach total enlightenment while drinking a beer, I bet beer shoots out your nose.”


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  1. OK @JimmyEatWorld, first I have to bust your chops about not posting this for a week, but not very hard. Great work you have done cranking #COLA up. Seeing as you are the #Nant’an of #F3Metro, planting a workout is #SouthOfBallantyne is not even part of your job, and yet you did it. Strong. #TClaps.

    Secondly, this is a great crew. Even if they had not presented us with the (ahem) greatest thing ever, the #Shield, I would have loved these guys. Great guys. #COLA rocks.

    Finally, let me say what an honor it is to have been invited to #COLA to throw a Q. Great stuff. I love you Brothers. Aye.

  2. We were excited to have you guys come down! Thanks to CrotchRocket, Dredd, OBT, and Moniteur for spending the morning with us. I guess the hill is now forever “Mama’s Mountain.” April at Lizard’s Thicket said you’re welcome back any time, even if we do stink. And the #Shield was our pleasure — hope it gets great use as a symbol across F3Nation!

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