• When: 1/24/13
  • QIC: Tajh
  • The PAX: Audit (WB), Beano, Chaser, Checker, Crawlspace, Dr. Phil, Heartbreaker, Heist, Logo, Mel, Mission, Mule, Noodle, Regis, Robber, Roscoe, Rosebud, Sled (WD), Stent, Sway, Tajh, Termite, Tonto, Woody, Cheesy, St. Joe, Seeker, Greenpeace (FNG Jimmy Hartley), Wide Right (FNG Josh Newton, D-1)

Rollin' Like a Wagon Wheel

Marching with Rifles

29 curious faithful gathered at the shovel flag, interested to find out what “something new” Tajh had in store. He delivered as promised with a red brick death march across the campus and back again.

Conditions: 49 degrees, clear, brisk breeze

The Thang:

Warmup jaunt around the fields

8-count Body Builders x5
High Knees x 20
IW x15
Flutter Kicks x15
Rowboats x15
LBC x15
Mountain Climbers x15
Freddie x15
Mountain Climbers (again) x15 — thank you Heist

Jog to Heartbreakers Brick Pile:
Each pax gets 2 red bricks. Form 4 lines for a Citadel-esque Jody run in step (sort of) with drill sergeant Tajh calling cadence. Bricks up (overhead), bricks out, bricks down, repeat. New marching songs learned, and Mission asked if he needed his M-14 for next time.

Return bricks to Brickpile, plank while waiting for stackup.

Russian Twist x15
Superman Crunch x15
Aquaman x15
Side to Side leg swing x15

Diamond Merkins x10
Merkins x10
CDD x10

Bear crawl, 10 Merkins

Run to Hollywood Squares:
Dips x15
Iron Man Crunch x15

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:60
Jungle Bois x18
8-count Body Builders x5

Run to Shovel Flag


Ball of Man: Logo gave closing prayer.


  • Tajh’s Red Brick Death March was cleverly devised but poorly executed by the pax. We apparently cannot walk and chew gum at the same time or stay in straight lines. There were some BS calls near the end. The Jody chants were fun, and Tajh deserves much credit. We need to work on staying together. All in all a very good element.
  • The DHS soccer coach appeared out of nowhere during the COP to give a heads up about some parking spot gripes overheard in the Teachers’ Lounge. He was invited to join the COP and quickly disappeared. We will park in the back in the future. I guess that’s what happens when the group outgrows the parking lot.
  • 29 is a mid-week record attendance.
  • Beano has asked to lead and will get a chance next week. Be afraid, be very afraid. Mission will take the Q on Saturday.
  • Several will be absent Saturday due to the Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe Run.

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