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Lots of balls

AO: Battle
Q: Spot
PAX: Spot, Escrow, Big Worm, Stacatto
FNGs: None
Lots of medicine balls


Indian run variance (last man in line has the medicine ball, does one Merlín, runs to catch up and passes the ball to the new last man and then goes to the front of the line to lead, new last man does two merkins, next last man does three merkins, etc)

Ten burpees for Cardinal

20 four count mountain climbers with palms on the medicine ball

20 four count squats with medicine ball (curl the ball on the descent, overhead press on the ascent)

20 four count Russian twists with medicine ball

10 four count (incline) diamond merkins (palms in medicine ball)

20 four count heels to the sky (lie on back, hold ball above chest, and raise the ball to toes)


The Thang repeated the entire “warm up” and then added 10 Hustler merkins variant with medicine ball (one merkin and two overhead presses with ball, two merkins and four presses, etc)

Then another round of “warm up” (Indian run, burpees for Cardinal, medicine ball work out) then add medicine ball throw down/toss/lunge across field (line up on the touchdown line, throw medicine ball forcefully down from overhead, pick up ball and throw from chest, lunge toward ball and do merkins at every yard line on the way – 5 merkins at the five yard line 10 at the ten, etc – till reaching the 25, repeat another 25 yards but replace merkins with LBCs)

Finish with burpees for Cardinal.


No time for Mary


10 year convergence for F3 Charleston on March 11


God, guide us in our battles

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