• When: 02/18/17
  • QIC: Ronda and Hawg
  • The PAX: Hee Haw, Robber, Cornstache, Billy Bob, Splinter, Misfire, Collar, Rosinbagger, Heist, Dodge Ball, Chaser, Wingback

Battle Agility + Indian Block Run

Ronda had the first part of this grueling workout. Personally, I don’t see enough agility work at F3, including Battle. I set up a course using cones on one of our fields. From the starting point, the first cone was about 15 yards away. Second cone was 15 yards to the left, third cone was another 15 yards up the field, fourth cone was another 15 yards to the right of the third cone, and the last cone was another 15 yards up field from the fourth cone. Here were the following drills:

  1. Sprint to the first, lateral shuffle to the left to the second cone, sprint to the third cone, lateral shuffle to the right to the fourth cone and sprint to the final cone. We went through this twice, rapid fire.
  2. Same deal as above, but this time we waited longer for the next guy in line to go. While you were waiting (either before or after your run) you were doing burpees. Also, we burpee broad jumped back after the final cone.
  3. The sprint was replaced with a bear crawl and the lateral shuffle with the gorilla shuffle. Crab walked back after final cone.

Next, we switched to a t-drill. Sprint to the first cone, lateral shuffle to left cone, then turn and sprint through the final cone on the right. We ran through this twice, rapid fire. We followed this up with 40 different kinds of mercans.

Last, can’t have agility without suicides. We had three suicides back-to-back. First, was a sprint out and back-peddle back. Second was a lateral shuffle and third was karaoke.

Next up was Hawg.

Indian block run to the mall. 10 man maker’s at 1st level then bear crawl up parking ramp incline. 2nd level 20 partner tap merkins then crab crawl up incline. 3rd level 30 burpees followed by donkey kick up the incline then lateral walk on all fours back down 3rd incline. Splinter led Mary waiting on six. The Indian block run back to COT, doing 10 more burpees along the way.

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