• When: 05/13/2017
  • QIC: Flight Risk
  • The PAX: Hope Solo, Bolt, Ratchet, Sully, Wojo, Short Circuit, Abby Wambach, Stats, House, Neon, Shrute, Abacus, Sacajawea, Big Load, Mayhem, Weed, Harper Valley, Pot Hole, Timber


It was a cool morning in Camden, SC and those that showed made it through a Spring Football Practice-inspired workout.Q started with a quick disclaimer then read 1 Peter 5:2-3 about Leadership.The group then mozied over to the corner of the park.  The group circled, followed by Mercans, BAC, and BB Situps in cadence.Next exercise were:walking Tree Huggers
Skipping Tree Huggers, each 20 yds.At the next corner the group circled and squatted, Mercans, and 6”-45-90 in cadence.To the next corner:Walking Frankensteins
Skipping Frankensteins.After arriving at the next corner the group circled and toe touches, Mercans, and leg raises in cadence.To the next corner:Karoake facing the park, switching to Karaoke facing the houses.The group circled and Mercans and BB situps in cadence.To the next corner:backwards frogger followed by a jog.The group circled and 6”-45-90, Mercans, and squats in cadence.To the next corner:side lunges facing the houses and switching to side lunges facing the park.At the next corner the group split up to grab a block.The group circled around the light pole followed by 3 sets of: Curls, Shoulder Presses, Front Raise, and Block Punches in cadence.  Next we Played it Cool.The group then partnered up.  The partners then completed the Farmer’s Walk carry around the big oak tree.  Each partner carried there and back four times.  At the conclusion of the fourth carry the partners completed a Fireman’s carry around the big oak tree.The group then put their blocks away and circled near the starting place for two more ab workouts, 6”-45-90 and LBC in cadence.The morning workout concluded by being taught DOG Jacks for the future Bulldog supporters.

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