• When: 2021-02-11
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Olaf, Brainiac, Flea, Pups(Rx2), Deadstick(Rx2), Katniss(Q,R), PETA.

Tune(s) up

Conditions warm 57F

No FNGs 



One of our regulars was under the weather so YHC jumped in to cover. Good to see Olaf come out of 12 hrs deep freeze and join us. Upon arrival to the pit this morning YHC noticed the track and field Stadium lights had been on all night which gave us no Gloom so we worked out under the lights.

Mosey to blocks and grab one

Circle up 


Imp walkers 4ct IC x10

LBACs 10/10 F/R  4ct IC 

Toy soldiers 4ct IC x10

Copperhead squats 4ct IC x10 


Take blocks to the goal line 

Ladder style workout. Start on the goal line and bear crawl block drag to the 20-yard line perform 5 decline merkins on the Block then lunge walk back to the goal line with your block perform  squat thrusters with your block. Repeat this pattern of bear crawls and lunges back and forth increasing exercise reps of decline block merckens and squat thrusters to 10 then 15 reps.

Plank on the six. When all pax are finished YHC decided it was time for a little Moby flowers song to celebrate the plank. In traditional fashion in time with the lyrics “Bring Sally Up” you stay in high plank, “bring Sally down” you stay in low plank. Repeat this throughout the entire song trying not to break form. Several pax were able to accomplish this. A great test of abdominal muscle fortitude and willpower.

Now we return to the goal line and go back down the ladder that we just came up. This time instead of bear crawl block drags we do crawl bear drags. 15 incline merkins, reverse lunge walk with the block, 15 squat jumps/jump squats. Repeat the pattern of crawl bear and reverse lunge walks and decreasing the raps of incline merkins and jump squats to 10 then 5 reps.

Finish up with some tubthumping by Chumbawamba. Do a burpee every time the lyrics Say “I get knocked down” however there is no rest during the rest of the song as the men perform side straddle hops.

AC DC  Big Balls made a final appearance to finish us off. The pax lay on their six with feet 6 inches off the ground and perform dolly feet apart then feet together during the song . When “balls” is heard move your feet wide apart and hold until the next balls appear then move them back together repeat this pattern 35 times over the entire length of the song trying not to touch the ground. Thank God for a compression undergarments.


Dam to Dam relay on the 20th this month

Snakepit quarterly trash pickup on the 27th more on this during this week’s upcoming boot camps

Prayer request

All the spoken and unspoken in our circle of trust(COT)

Great work men!

Cobain’s for the delay

Your brother 


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