• When: 2019-07-25
  • QIC: The Stalker
  • The PAX: Cramps, Mercy Rule, Fuzzy Navel, Meatball, Kenwood, Honey Boo Boo, Chuckwagon, Hoist, Hedges, Wild Hog, Slumlord, Gravedigger, Heisenberg, Iron Mary, Half Empty, Stalker

The Men of The Hollow play kids games.

Perfect weather conditions today in the mid 60’s with low humidity. YHC came (somewhat) prepared to play some games with the men of The Hollow. It went something like this…

In The Beginning:

The Thang:

SSH x 15
TTT x 15
Imp Walkers x15

Pax count off 1’s & 2’s

9 cones are set up in a tic tac toe fashion. It took some time to round up the crowd, but YHC got the two groups to stand in line. Both teams perform an exercise to begin. Then the first pax will select a cone on the tic tac toe board and then return to the back of the group, where the group will perform the next exercise listed. This was a race to get 3 in a row. Losing team ran laps.  Played 5 rounds.

• 2 burpees • 2 Big Boys Sit Ups • 3 Merkins • 2 squat jumps • 2 burpees • 3 Side Straddle Hops • 3 monkey Humpers • 3 High Knees (2x count) 

Chutes and Ladders
Laid out on the tennis courts were a figure eight-ish obstacle course featuring various stationary and motion-based exercises. Starting at the beginning, pax do the exercise listed and continue to the next station. Continue until you make your way back to the beginning. Did 2 rounds. The pax seemed confused so we moved onto the next exercise.

Funnel Tag
Two groups huddled up, except for 1 pac (the runner), from each group. This pac will try to tag a chosen one within the huddle, the group would rotate to avoid this. If ‘chosen one’ is tagged, the whole group will have 5 burpees, if not the ‘runner’ pac will have 5 burpees. Timed for 25 seconds. Played 5 rounds.

Circle Ball
Once again 2 groups. Each group grabs a ball and circle up with a wide stance so pax feet are open, but side by side the other pax. The goal is to score or roll the ball through the other pax legs. When a ‘score’ is made the ‘scorer’, he will go collect the ball while the rest of the pax do an exercise chosen from a deck of cards.


Prayer Requests:
-Hedges having boy # 3
– Unspoken


Steak night at Dri Sockets.. BYOS / BYOB