• When: 2019-07-25
  • QIC: Chum Lee
  • The PAX: Nub, Pull Out, Wilson, Babe, Shankopotamus (Respect), Belding, Hollywood, Grout, Matlock (Respect), Chum Lee

Wandering Boat of Pain

I’ve been to neighboring Smokehouse a handful of times but have never led a workout, so no time like the present to lead a great group of men.  There are a ton of options for anyone looking to Q including tires and pull-up bars. Not sure if anyone has ever brought a boat until this morning.  What an awful idea.

 Conditions:  Beautiful 64 degrees

One Minute Warning



 The Thang:

We had 10 Pax which worked out perfect so that everyone had a partner.  We mosied to the track and created four stations on the field:

Station 1 near the back corner of the endzone:  Perform five pull-ups and ten BB sit-ups

Station 2 at the fifty yard line on the sideline:  Perform five tire flips and ten box jumps

Station 3 at the fifty yard line on the sideline (opposite side of field):  Perform five squats and ten merkins

Station 4 at the back corner of the endzone:  Perform five thrusters and ten curls

Pax will continuously perform exercises at each station and will rotate to the next station when the group behind them “relieves” them.  Here is the kicker: each group will push a 12’ john boat to get to the next station (with each station being roughly fifty yards apart from each other).  We were able to complete three rounds before time was called.

 Mosey to Flag

 Count ‘em off

Name ‘em off

Announcements:  Run/bike/ruck in the park, Clown Car for Urban Legend, 9/11 Memorial Challenge (see Urkel, Matlock)

 Prayer Requests:   Heyward Bouknight, Ben Killian, Rilo’s mother, Sarah Cate,