• When: 2018-09-13
  • QIC: Rec
  • The PAX: Drysdale, Abner, Zacchaeus, Butt Dial, Saucey, Pole Dance, Escobar, 2 Star, Big Al, Flipper, Nail Pop, Upcharge, Dominion, Wee Wee, and Rec

Leg Day at the Surge

*** Posted on behalf of Rec

Leg Day at the Surge

Conditions: Beautiful with a little breeze

Intro, FNGs, and Prayer


Mosey to the back of the school. 

Burpees X 10

Squats X 10

Burpees X 10

Mosey to the tables.

Squats X 10

Bulgarian leg squats – 10 each leg

Squat box jumps X 10

Grab a block and partner up.

Block leg extensions until partner returns from 200-yard jog.  Switch and repeat.

Romanian dead lifts X 20 while partner does Overhead block squat X 20.  Switch and repeat

Mosey to the straightaway. 

Lunge walk approximately 60 yards, Drysdale thought it might a been a hair longer.  Mountain climbers.  Put it in reverse and lunge back to starting point.  We might have done burpees but it was dark, can’t remember.

Mosey to the blocks

Overhead block calf raises X 20.  Then toe taps on the block.

Side squats X 10 each leg

Side squat walk to the stop sign.

Sprints X 3

Finished up with a few abs.

Big Boys X 20

Hello Dollys

Raised leg LBC’s

Put the blocks up and get one more sprint in before calling it a day.


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Second F – Third Thursday in September – Crafty Draft – 9/20/2018

Prayer Requests