• When: 2021-07-06
  • QIC: Canseco
  • The PAX: Sunday Driver, DARPA, Pick Axe, Duraflame, Wapner, Simon Says, Wilbur, Canseco

Jumping Rope was more fun in Elementary School

Weather: 75 and humid 
TTT x 10 IC, 
LBAC x 10 IC (forward),
Overhead Claps x 10 IC
Michael Phelps x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC (reverse)
21’s SSH silent count (5 burpees consequence exercise)
In unison PAX does 3-count SSH and counts reps 1-5 out loud. Reps are all mental and everyone must stop together at 21. If anyone stops early or goes over Q has PAX perform penalty workout of 5 burpees. 
This morning YHC had the unfortunate occurrence to miscount and ended early on the 21 …. count causing some discussion about “who”really needed to do the Burpees or not.  Some pax stepped up and completed the five Burpee consequence challenge and other pax (who remain unnamed) elected to take the easy road and watch while others got work done..
The Thang:
Pax were broken up into groups of 3. (There was only one group with 2 with YHC & Sunday Driver) 5 pax went down to the block pile and grabbed 5 blocks while the remaining pax stayed up in the parking lot. Three jump ropes were placed on the sidewalk with this activity involving the full length of the parking lot. Once the pax returned with the blocks, the groups of 3 were assigned to various exercises with 1 pax jumping rope, 1 pax doing an arm block exercise and the other pax carrying the block overhead walking while in between the other 2.  Each time the pax arrived at the end of the parking lot the two would trade places and they would continue back-and-forth in the lot so that everyone had an opportunity to jump rope, overhead block carry and perform the arm exercise until the pax returning was there to trade with them. The arm exercises were as follows:
Curls for the girls
Tricep press
Chess press on the ground
Flutter kicks with block overhead 
The jump rope exercise proved to be more “taxing” than originally anticipated, so YHC elected to alternate between jump rope and squats each time the pax return to the end of the parking lot.  Modifications were done as needed but YHC believe that everyone was able to get good work in.  
After completion of this exercise a light Mosey was taken around the parking lot and ending at the planter boxes at the side of the school.  The following exercises were performed on the side of the bricks:
Right leg step up x 10 
Left leg step up x 10
Calf raises times 20 each direction with toes pointing forward, inward and outward.  Careful balance was required to prevent falling off the brick….modifications were made by some.
Return blocks to block pile and mosey back to flag for 2 minutes of Mary. Heel touches & American Hammers
Announcements: Stomp at the Swamp coming up next month
July is the month of the Murph (100 miles, 1000 pull-ups, 2000 merkins)
Prayer Requests:  No Help undergoing neck surgery today
The LongStreet family
All pax struggling with health an injury issues at this time.
Devo:  Our world can be as large as we want it or a small as we need it to be. Today’s overwhelming non-stop media age makes it is easy to become anxious and overwhelmed. Sometimes a good reminder is to turn off the TV, unplug from social media and allow yourself to make your world become only be the people that you physically come in contact with.  There are so many variables in the world that we have absolutely no control over and it is easy to let these issues upset us. We are not in control, God is in control and we can rest assured that His plan will be fulfilled.

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