• When: 2022-05-31
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Ken Doll, Lego, Duff, Dookie, Good Hands, Garth (r), Hash & Rice, Soaker, Brick, Cheers, Juice

Hard Core at Shawshank

Another Tuesday rolls around and another morning to wake up and face the gloom with F3 men of Lexington.  I had signed up to Q knowing that I would be coming off a race and knew I would need extra motivation to get up and moving.  I am glad I did.  Had a good time with the 12 pax of Shank.  Hope they didn’t mind a full core workout…Below is what went down.

Weather: 71


Mosey across the bridge and through the wet grass toward the block pile..  Stop for COP
SSH x 15
Merkins x 5
TTT x 15
Merkins x 5
Windmill x 15
Merkins x5

Mosey on to blockpile and each pax receives a block.
Mosey down to the corner of the upper field for The Thang.

3 Rounds each begin with the following Plankarama x 10 IC
Shoulder Taps
Flutter Kicks
Downward Dog
Hello Dolly
Peter Parkers
Parker Peters
Gas Pumps

Each round we preformed 20 reps of an exercise and then traveled to the next corner of the field.  Long sides we moseyed, short sides we backpedaled.

Round One: Plankarama then…
Curls, BBSU, Hand Release Merkins, V-ups

Round Two:  Plankarama then…
Press, BBSU, Werkins, Iron Cross

Round Three:  Plankarama then…
Tricep extensions, BBSU, Mtn Climbers, Freddie Mercury

Returned blocks as we were running low on time.

Jailbreak  back to flag.  

Safe Shirts are available to order to June 5th.
Mentoring- Contact Ken Doll

Prayer Request

Devo:  The Reality of God’s Love, Charles Stanley, In Touch Daily Devo

2 Corinthians 11:23-27
Have you ever wondered why a God of love lets bad things happen to you? Or whether your past keeps Him from loving you? But just because you may feel unloved doesn’t mean that you actually are. The apostle Paul could probably relate. In today’s reading we see that he encountered hardship after hardship while following God. And his past was so checkered with sin (Acts 8:1-3; Acts 9:1-2) that he could have assumed he had good reason to feel unloved. 
Yet Paul kept spreading his message of hope—that God loves us and sent His Son to die for our sins. The situation we find ourselves in may be unfair, painful, or humiliating, but it doesn’t mean God has stopped loving us. Sometimes we face difficulty because He is smoothing our rough edges and molding us into His image. Other trials are instigated by Satan but are allowed through the Lord’s permissive will. 
Either way, God is working everything out for our good, according to His specific purposes for each believer’s life (Rom. 8:28). The key to accepting the truth of God’s unconditional love is to focus attention on Him rather than on your circumstances. When you are learning of Him, talking with Him, and sharing your life with Him, trust and faith will replace doubt and fear. 

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