• When: 2020-12-15
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Hollywood-R, Swayze, Wilson, Nub

Black Snake sighting

Twas a cold and blustery morning in the Smokehouse gloom and as our A #1 Bouknight Jr. had to call in for a substitute, ole Nubby decided step up and go Black Snake hunting. Actually YHC was prepared to do a no running Q as he heard wind of a newly named Pax that might be attending that is adverse to that dreaded “R” word. But alas, he didn’t show. So Nub does what he does best, a Q filled with “R”unning and Burpees (my favs). This mornings 4horseman got in the 1 min warning, disclaimer, opening prayer. COP was done in the parking lot just to see if we had any stragglers since I knew we’d be off a-hunting away from our normal area, COP consisted of . SSH, Michael Phelps and just to bring back some old school flava, did some bring Sally up/down squats. Head over to Nub’s truck and keychain lights were distributed–special thx. to Batesburg Insurance Agency 🙂 and now lets head off on the hunt for the elusive Black Snake. Mosey down sidewalk to ticket booth hang a left towards ball baseball field, at field swing around between baseball field and football stadium (much dryer route than Babe likes to take) and then dip down on the cut through road towards to newly constructed Primary school entranc…..shhhh, i hear slithering in the gravel path…oh yes, I see it now down at the end of the gravel road…its the Black Snake we have been looking for.

Black snake consisted of a slithering loopedy loop of fresh black asphalt, and just a “few” light poles to boot. Pax will now complete 3 burpees at each light pole around the snake, “R” in between…oooh the fun. Once all the way back at the head of the snake, we lunged down from pole to pole (not hole to hole) towards the main entrance and then reverse lunged back. Black Snake completed! Now a mosey back up to the SF and circle up for one Moby/Flower song of leg lift ups to down-six inches to close us out.

Time called.

YHC made a mental note of the pax and count. Did some other random rambling about proper start and finish times and then called for prayer requests. Hollywoods family, Swayze’s mother, Wilson’s grand’s, Nub’s co-workers.

Nub wishes you all a very Merry Christmas season! #Jesusisthereasonfortheseason

…beware the Black Snake

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