• When: 2018-09-01
  • QIC: Hustler and Venti
  • The PAX: Hustler, Venti, Dodgeball, Rhonda, Spud, MisFire, and Hawg

Battle – Opening Day of September 2018


AC Flora HS, 0700; 75 and VERY HUMID….MISERABLE; Split Q with Venti leading off and Hustler “The Creative One” taking over at the bottom of the hour.


Jog lap around the parking lot

20 Merkins, 20 LBC’s OYO – Grab three sets of bricks, jog to backlot for circuit

I always try and keep things so fresh and so clean, clean…and since I have access to a weight room with plenty of goodies I bring some along every now and again.  This is Battle dang it, so why not bust out the Battle-Ropes!  Which is what we did.  It was a glorious, muggy, and miserable experience in the gloom, but hey, it was different!

We broke up into two groups and had a rope, set of bricks, and a block at each station.  There were four locations w/ each group, one for the rope, one for arms, one for legs, and one for abs.

First Round (repeated 3x) – Double arm wave (30), Curls w/ bricks (30), Goblet Squat (20) w/ Block, LBC’s (30) – 3 hills post the 3x

Second Round (repeated 3x) – Double Arm Slam (30, 25, 20), Bench press w/ Block (30), Backward Lunges w/ bricks (20), Big Boys (20) – 3 hills post the 3x

Third Round (repeated 2x) – Hip-to-Hip (30, 20), Knee Thrusters w/ Blocks(10, 8 each leg), T-raises w/ bricks (15, 12), Twisting Leg Hugs (12, 8)

No Hills – Passed the Torch

Hustler takes us to the field…and the PAX knows what that means (THERE WILL BE BACKWARD RUNNING)

Sure enough, 600 yards of backward running commences followed by some crazy Bur-pee workout where he either was drinking and thinking or watched YouTube videos on how to do weird varieties of Bur-pees.

We did AMRAP bur-pees of each one in 1 minute rounds, and to be quite honest I don’t remember them all because they were crazy and the humidity fried my brain….but here goes from Hustler:

4x 100 yd backward run

Burpee Tabata ladder (60 secs on; 30 sec rest)

  1. Burpees
  2. Leg kick burpees
  3. Regular Merkin/Wide-arm merkin burpees
  4. Plyometric burpees (single clap)
  5. 2x merkin burpees
  6. Mountain climber burpees
  7. Jump Lunge Burpees
  8. Ninja Burpees
  9. Donkey Kicks

2x 100 yd backward run

10 yd burpee broad jump

 – Time for Tailgating began.