• When: 2018-03-08
  • QIC: Peachy
  • The PAX: Peachy, Meatball, 2ChainZ, Iron Mary, Half Empty, Slumlord, Gravedigger, Irrev, Hoist, Pawn Star, Mercy Rule, Brick, Gravedigger, Gramps, Stalker, Honey Boo Boo, Wayward Son,


16 PAX dominated The Hollow gloom and got better. There were back-blasts a plenty especially during the sessions of Mary. FNG 2-ChainZ was an animal will be Q-ing beatdowns in no time. It was good to be in the presence of many Hollow greats and the extra 15 minutes of sleep was nice also. It was also enjoyable to mix in a little Tomcat-Lite (15 minutes is better than 45 in case you were wondering)

Weather: 39




The Thang:


SSH X 15

TTT X 15

Merkins X 15

Imperial Walkers X 15

LBC X 15

Mosey to Student Parking Lot

Over and Back High Knees

Over and Back Side Shuffle

Over and Back Butt Kickers

Over and Back Jog

Bear Crawl 1/2 over and back

Wheelbarrows 1/2 over and back X 2

People’s Chair X 3 X 1 minute

Mosey to Gym

3 Tomcat Laps

Mosey back

Balls to the Wall X 30 seconds X 2 reps

5 minutes of Mary


F3 Mentoring Program


This Saturday Argyle, Kenwood and Muggy Tape putting on a mini-Go Ruck event at CAT in honor of man who passed away at Fort Bragg (600) Ruck Friendly

Prayer Requests

  1. Praise – Pregnant Lady who was mentioned the other day is doing well. Baby to also doing well.
  2. Gravedigger – Mom in a car accident. Doing well.