• When: 2020-03-03
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Mercy Rule, Gravedigger, Overage, Finkle, Drisoket, Spaghetti O's, CDV, Meatball, Navy Bean

Scotch Stuff

10 tough guys decided that a chance of rain wouldnt impact their chances of getting better.  We were blessed with no rainfall during the workout, and YHC tried to keep us out of the puddles as well.  The boys came to work!

Disclaimer and Prayer

Weather was about 55 degrees

The thang:

Slowsy to the long breezeway with the most columns.

Side lunge from column to column.  At each column, perform 5 Bobby Hurleys.  Also, at each column face another direction so you are equally hitting both legs during the lunge.  Continue until you run out of columns.

On the way back, slowsy the columns but perform 2 merkins at each column.

Last round, #3 of YHC’s favorite things is V-ups.  At every other column perform 5 V-ups.

When finished, find a spot on the wall or a column.  Wall sits, Balls to the wall (last man standing Gravedigger with a vest**), Wall sits, Balls to the wall (last man standing Navy Bean).

Mosey to the bottom of the big stairs.  10 calf raises at each step, 10 BBSU at the top.

Mosey to the shovel flag.  Time is up.


CDV RESPECT VQ is coming up, stay tuned.

Safety Run coming up in May, stay tuned for date/time


Dear Diary.  Top of prayer list for all of us.

Big Al, YHC’s dad.


Faye’s family

Meatball’s Dad’s hand


Navy Bean is a beast.  T claps for his efforts!

Gravedigger is an animal.  Does he wear the vest non-stop?

Meatball has 7 hours of screen time per day on his phone.  Most of it is probably work related.

Finkle has a cool name and he has a pretty strong beard game.

10 pax at Cat should be the standard.  T claps to Mercy Rule and his predecessors for their efforts.

Scotch is fat and weak….

Enjoyed it men!

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