• When: 6/4/15
  • QIC: Catheter
  • The PAX: Tweety, CoPay, Buttermaker, Blue Screen, Blindside, Turnbuckle, NoShow, Chum (Respect). FNG (Drumline), Chandler, Yellow Cake, FDIC, Saywhat, Voltron, Nohelp, Forest, Catheter

Raining Sweat and Good Times

On this fine rainy morning YHC embarked on his second Q in a row at Crypt with it raining!  But that didnt stop 8 PAX from coming out and bettering themselves….Catheter Style!

After a brief welcome to the FNG and everyone else plus a disclaimer……we were off.

The Thang:

Quick Mosey to the Helipad:

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 20 IC

Arm circles 10/reverse 10

Dive Bombers x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

quick Mosey to Brick wall by cemetery hill

Cemetery Hill Wall:

7-Min Workout…each exercise for 30 sec with 8-10 sec rest between (quick transition)

SSH, Wall Sit, Merkins, LBC, Step ups on wall, Squats, Tricep Dips on wall, Plank on forarms, high knees, Lunges in place, Push ups with rotation, Side plank 15 sec on one side then switch.

Quick Mosey to upper field

Upper Field:

our favorite…pick up a block and a partner! and line up on field facing 100 yards. First partner does workout and second does exercise…then switch.

1. Curls for the Girls

2. front/over head press

3.Front block raises

4. High knees!

Then enough time for the “Block Clock”  YHC ralleyd the troups into a circle and we began.

-The blocks were arranged in a circle with a 1-2 foot space in between each block.  Each PAX started on their block with merkin.  Then left arm on the ground and right arm remains on the block, then another merkin.  Then left arm goes left up to the next block to the left and right arm goes off the previous block to the ground and then merkin.  We are basically rotating around like a Clock remaining in the plank position as we rotate until we barely reached back to where we started (one rotation around the clock).

Put up blocks and Mosey back to parking lot.

Parking Lot:

sprint to first row of cars, then do 20 merkins and sprint to flag.


Dealers choice: Forest with Merkins IC x 20, CoPay with Russian Twist x 25 IC, Voltron with Flutter Kicks x 25 IC, and Blue Screen with Ankle Touches x 25 IC

Joined up with Boneyard and we named FNG “Drum-Line”


-8/1 Sweet baby 5K

-8/29 Stomp the swamp and double down

-Half Marathon in November

-Goruck challenge in July

-Lexington has the Q at winnsboro…Get with NoHelp for the departure time and location


Prayer Requests:

Praise- blindside Daughter made the big decision to be baptized and accept Jesus as her lord and savor.  Blindside is a happy and proud father!!!!!!!!

Audra and Walker and Landon

Sax Gotha youth director lost her husband to a rip tide and drowned.

Blindside EH old friend to F3

No Help has friend dealing PTSD and trying to get him in F3

Devo: Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and Courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”


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