• When: 2018-08-28
  • QIC: Meatball
  • The PAX: Dozer, Bouche, Drisocket, Nitro, Gravedigger, Freon, Moist, Muggy Tape, Overage, Field Goal, Mercy Rule, Spaghetti O's, Pawn Star, Fuzzy Navel, Wayward Son, Meatball

Meatballs Special Sauce

16 men posted at CAT this morning to get better. YHC always struggles to come with a good weinke at CAT. The whole no running thing is hard. But since YHC likes to mumblechatter, a workout was designed where we stayed in one spot for most of the workout. The CAT pax didn’t disappoint and a good time was had. Here’s what happened:

Conditions:  72 and warm


Mosey to the track and run 1/2 lap. Then circle up in the middle of the field.


SSH x 15 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang:

Remain in the circle.
1. Flutterkicks x 20 IC
2. LBC’s x 12 IC
3. American Hammer x 14 IC
4. Low Plank on right side x 30 seconds
5. Low Plank on left side x 30 seconds
6. Highh Plank Shoulder Taps x 20 IC
7. Merkins x 10 IC
Complete 3 sets.

1. Plankjacks x 10 OYO
2. Squats x 20 OYO
3. Mountain Climbers x 30 OYO
4. High Knees x 40 OYO
5. SSH x 50 OYO
Complete 3 sets. One set was IC. We also did add one round of monkey humpers to prepare Pawn Star for his honeymoon next week. We did 10 IC.

Burpee Jump Squats (3 merkins and 3 jump squats) x 10 OYO

Mosey to gym stairs

Calf Raises toes straight x 10 IC
Calf Raises toes in x 10 IC
Calf Raises toes out x 10 IC

Mosey to shovel flag.



– Open Auction to win Press Box for LHS game. See Moist for details.
– 9/7-9/8 Blue Ridge Relay
– 9/14 Tunnels to Towers 5k
– 9/22 Smokehouse Event

Prayer Requests:
– Turner Family
– Wayne & Lynn – family friends of GD
– Dozer’s cousin


Pledge of Allegience