• When: 2019-08-31
  • QIC: Milli Vanilli
  • The PAX: Milli Vanilli, Hemingway, Buzzsaw (R), Lego, Strut

Iron Pax Challenge Week 0 at Cryptonite

After the Iron Pax Challenge was announced, the men of Cryptonite knew we would be one of the AOs to host the workouts each week, especially since it allowed for a Saturday option for those that needed to squeeze it in before the close of the week.  This week we ran the “trial run” of Week 0.

CONDITIONS: Couldn’t be better

Disclaimer/No FNGs

THE THANG:  Short warm up to ensure correct 400 meter loop, then we got started on this deceptively simple workout for time:

6 rounds of: 24 squats, 24 merkins, 24 walking lunges (counting right leg only)

The lunges are what really get you on this one.  After the halfway mark the legs were screaming but we pushed on, staying fairly close together the entire time, and picking up the 6 once the rest were done.

Since we still had time in our hour (and encouragement from Buzzsaw), we decided to jump into some AMRAP circuits:

* 3 Minutes of battle ropes followed by 25 BBS
* 3 Minutes of burpee pullups followed by 50 4-count flutter kicks
* 3 Minutes of burpee dips followed by 50 Russian twists


*Dam to Dam Relay
* 9/11 Challenge

* Lego helping young Pax, Sailor, get ready for boot camp, building an 8 minute pace
* Mercy Rule’s sister
* Marriages in general