• When: 2020-01-17
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Knozit (R), Paper Jam, 7-11, Pups (R), Kukoc, Short Haul, Eggo, Parking Lot, MacGruber, Po, Berber, Recall, Iron Mary (R)

Good to be back at Stride!

YHC has been nowhere to be found when it comes to run groups lately.  Today, he showed up on the Q sheet and didn’t have a choice.  So, he peeled himself out of the #Fartsack and reported for duty.  And like every other time, he was happy he did!  This is a solid group and YHC needs to get reconnected with them.  This morning we had 13 beast out there to push each other and to get better together.  YHC promises to be back soon.  Please hold him accountable!   Here’s how it went down this morning at Stride:

Weather:  Crisp and 42 degrees with a slight wind out of the south east.


Safety Brief

Opening Prayer

The Route:

Left on S. Lake

Right on Corley

Left on Dreher

Left on N. Lake

Right on Butler

Left on Columbia Ave.

Left on Chariot and continue on Duffie

Right on Gibson

Slight left then right on Roberts

Left on S. Lake

Left on Main

Left on Maiden

Distance:  6.1

Elevation:  Approximately 300 feet




Announcements:  Dam2Dam Relay on February 15th – PJ said “It’s gonna be AWESOME!”

Prayer Requests:  Trickle

Closing Prayer

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