• When: 2018-08-21
  • The PAX: Head & Shoulders, Giggity, Postal, Netflix, Blue Rhino, Rook, Double Dribble, Short Haul, Dance Machine, Weekend Special, Whisper, Mid-Range, Toe Ring, Boo Boo, Tumbler, Joe Pa, Breaker Breaker-R, Spackle-R, Barcrawl, Bulldog, Wingback, Over-Exposed


YHC has been excited to break this one out on the boys ever since securing a few new toys for Graveyard.  Boo Boo was kind enough to switch Q dates and we Augverged with Detention this morning at GY for a solid log beatdown.  Thanks again to Toe Ring and Netflix for helping YHC set things up!

Conditions:  78 degrees and thick air

The Thang: Mosey to the stadium PressBox where the PAX found 7 logs each propped up on a block.  We split into groups of 3 and 4 & got right to work.

Here’s what each group was responsible for doing:

As a group, 500 x alternating seated log press.  Each person AMRAP’d and then we switched until we made 500 reps.  As a group, we ran up the pressbox stairs for Squats x 25 each.  And, back down to your log.  The PAX quickly didn’t like sitting around and waiting to do stuff.  They were anxious to get to their log work.  So, while waiting for their group members to complete their log work, many Ran the bleachers, did Merkins or LBCs or planked.  Strong group of worker bees this morning for sure!

As a group, 500 x two-handed chest press with your log while keeping your log propped on your block.  PAX had to trust themselves here not to drop the log you know where….PAX AMRAP’d this one as well and then alternated amongst the group.  When finished, as a group, run to the top of the Pressbox and complete Squats x 25 each.  Then back to your log.

As a group, 250 x partner seated log press.  Two members of each group AMRAP’d the seated log press (this got tough really quick).  Most groups broke down to 50 at a time.  Once finished, run up the pressbox stairs as a group for Squats x 25 each.  Then back to your log.

Final log exercise, 250 x partner log curls (usually 25 at a time).  This got way tough too!  Once finished, group run up the pressbox stairs for Squats x 25.  Then back down to put the logs and blocks up.

Mosey to the flag.  Flutter Kicks x 25 IC.

First time using these new toys at GY…so we lived and we learned.  A few new ideas popped into YHC’s head for his next Q….so the return of the log workout is on the horizon.


Stomp the Swamp preview run Wed morning at Stomp 5:00 am

Ranger on the Q at Detention-GY Augvergence for Thursday.

Reaper Friday

Stomp the Swamp 5k Saturday morning

Full Court (Hoops) Monday morning at RBHS 5-6 am.

F3 Mentor Program

Prayer Requests:

Our teachers, students, administrators as Day 1 of school is today

Our marriages, friends’ marriages, family marriages

Great work by all today!  It was a blast to see everyone working together as a team!