• When: 4-10-19
  • QIC: Koon Dog + Postal
  • The PAX: Ponzi, giggity, Lego, Shorthaul, knozit, nick, tater, booster, Swanson, Hemingway, mcgroober, rocking chair, pop off, Niles, deadstick, boo boo, joe pa, dry socket, muggy tape, nature boy, head and shoulders, bull dog, fry daddy, Ranger, Ken doll, shake and bake, overnight, pick axe, brick, whisper, buzzsaw, man bun, pea jumper, dead bolt, milk and cookies, Magellan, enlisted, dunphy, genie, cheers, soaker.

Gauntlet Day 3 Slammer Backblast

Huge thanks you to the Green mile ladies of Fia Lex for sharing the space! Very friendly of them to allow 43 sweating dudes into the gloom!

Gauntlet Day 3 headed to Shawshank for the infamous slammer today where Dunphy obviously held home field advantage!

That didn’t stop the stragglers like myself from attempting the course though! Here’s how things went down today!

Conditions: 65 and easily the warmest day of Gauntlet so far!

welcome, disclaimer, and prayer. Hearts heavy for Brodie’s family.

Koondog with run down. Props up to him for being ready with a devo and instruction! Apprentice all the HIM’s who have hammered down spiritually this week! Keep it up men!


* 21 Tricep dips at picnic tables

* Bear Crawl across the bridge

* 21 BBSU

* Run to far light pole

* 21 Merkins

* Run to top of steps

* 21 Squats (AKA “leg dips”)

* Run to next set of steps

* 21 calf raises

* Run back to starting spot

Rinse and Repeat for 45 minutes, increasing reps by 1 each lap

The slammer is a always a gasser and brings the best out of each us!

YHC noticed several men hanging with and encouraging fellow pax this am, you know who you are and your the reason other men continue to post!

Prayer: Brodie’s family, our hearts were heavy as shake and bake shared the details and we were reminded to make every second cpunt. Keep them lifted up.


Chinstrap: family health and balance much respect to this bro for baring his soul in bravery!

Swansons dad: surgery

Gravediggers mom.

050O at C.A.T. For the CAT5!