• When: 2019-02-07
  • QIC: DriSoket
  • The PAX: Kenwood, CDV, Sidecar(R), Navy Bean(R), Trackhoe, Moist, Freon, Honey Boo Boo, DriSoket

Experiment gone wrong

The intended purpose this morning was to do an entire Q without standing up.  Albeit was an experiment it turned out to be a total beatdown and quickly the list of exercises were changed due to YHCs body about to give out lol!!! Here’s what went down (to the best of my recollection)…

Conditions a perfect 62 with some dew

Disclaimer, No FNGs, COT and Prayer

The Thang

Mosey to block pile and grab a friend

Circle up for warm up All in candence




Line up on goal line. PAX were told from this point on there will be no standing for the rest of BC… (mumblechatter began here)

All exercises were in cadence or my count

Hold plank

Navy Bean Merkinsx15

Shoulder Tapsx20


Block bear crawl 20yds

On your 6


Skull Crushersx20

Am Hamx15

V upsx15

bear crawl with block back to goal line

Hold plank

Mt Climbx15

Peter Parkx15

Park Peterx15

Bear crawl with block back to 20

Gas Pumps with block x 15

Flutter Kick with block x15

Skull crusher x 25

Heel Touch x 15

bear crawl with block back to goal line

Chest press x 35 (Because Trackhoe bet I wouldn’t do it)


LBCs x 20

bear crawl with block back to 20

plank o rama

1 Leg merkins x 10

bear crawl with block back to goal line

Put blocks back up and mosey to columns

People’s chair 1 min

Balls to wall 1 min

Peoples chair arms out side and over head 1 min

Time called


Dam2dam next weekend

CAT shirts have shipped


Prayer Requests 

Wells Family

Trackhoes nephew ear surgery

Sick and injured PAX


YHC would like to thank the PAX for allowing him to try something new this morning… That’s the kind of beatdown that YHC enjoys and hopes y’all did too!!! It’s awesome to hear a group of men calling cadence and getting better!!!