• When: 01/03/15
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Garmin, Inuit, FNG-Yonker, Alter Boy, Ramblin' Wreck, Tuff Guy

Cuffed and Stuffed

7 members of #TheHerd assembled in the Jumanji gloom this morning for Columbo’s VQ. He worked the pax over like a veteran QIC. By the end of the workout, we were all smoked and might as well have been tazed, hog tied and thrown into the back of a paddy wagon to be hauled off to the county jail. #The Herd had just been cuffed and stuffed.

The Thang:
BOM led by Columbo
Instructions: “Blue light and siren special” If a siren is heard in the area stop current exercise and do 10 burpees then continue with current exercise.
Mosey around parking lot with high knees, butt kicks etc.
Mosey to track
20 LBCs IC
20 Thru the tunnel IC
20 imperial walkers IC

Mosey to 90 degree turn on track
20 merkins IC
20 BB sit ups
20 little arm circles (10 and 10)

Mosey through the gloom (wooded area of track)
20 dying cockroaches IC
20 flutter kicks IC

Mosey to home plate of baseball field.
Bear crawl to first base
Sprint down first base line to fence
20 iron crosses IC
Lunge walk ½ of outfield fence
20 BB Sit ups on your own
Lunge walk remainder of field
20 Iron crosses IC
Sprint to 3rd base
Bear crawl to home plate
Planking position till all are finished.

Mosey over to picnic tables
20 toe taps IC
20 step ups 10 each leg
20 dips

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to canteen building
People’s Chair 60 seconds
Balls to the wall 60 seconds
People’s Chair 30 seconds
Balls to the wall 30 seconds

Mosey to brick pile 2 bricks each
20 Curls for the girls IC
20 shoulder press IC
20 triceps extension IC
20 bent over rows IC

6 minutes of Mary
Dealer’s Choice
Columbo Russian twists
10 IC with 2 bricks, drop one brick 10 more in cad, drop other brick, 10 more without bricks (30 total)

Garmin Boat/Canoe
Inuit Ray Charles
Alter Boy Bicycle Crunches
Tuff Guy Jane Fonda Crunches
Ramblin’ Wreck 6 inches

Mosey back to shovel flag


BOM led by Columbo

Moleskin: Great job by Columbo for his maiden Q. He led the group like a veteran and was well prepared. Excellent counting for his first time as QIC. Thankfully, no one broke the law, fell ill or started a fire near our AO so the 10 burpees on siren rule never came into play today.

Welcome to our FNG Yonker. From New York….Brooklyn…..Yonkers is near Brooklyn, right??? Yonker it is. Aye.

Stampede is up and rolling! Please come and join us on Wednesday and Friday.

Several races are coming up, including MMD 5k/12k, Gamecock Run, Run Hard 1/2 Marathon and Palmetto 200.

Great coffeeteria at Carolina Café. Perfect attendance! The highlight of coffeeteria for YHC was realizing that Columbo’s late father Norm was a good friend of me and Tuff Guy from our days working out at the Tri-City Leisure Center. My favorite quote Norm used to share with us was this, “Remember, the bigger they are, the harder YOU fall!” We already knew that Columbo is a good guy, but now we can also say that he comes from good stock.

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