• When: 01/29/15
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Simon Says, Pinot, Quarantine, Nikita, Underoos, Freon, Voltron, Buttermaker, Mad Hatter, Blindside, Permit, FDIC, Matchbox, Jake, Detour, Catheter, Blue Screen, FNG/FNK (Reboot), Noah, No Help, Blackout, Booster

Brick scolding by Booster

22 PAX arrived in the gloom for a brick scolding by YHC. YHC was informed that bricks have been left on the Field of Dreams after workouts, so the PAX quickly made friends with their bricks and were responsible for them the entire workout. #nobricksleftbehind

Conditions: Cold and clear- 27 degrees


Disclaimer- Prayer

PAX followed YHC for a long mosey warm-up type trip through the trail in the woods all the way to the brick pile, where the PAX grabbed their two red friends for the day.

COM (with bricks*):

  • SSH x 12 IC
  • WIndmills x 12 IC
  • Merkins x 12 IC
  • Baby arm circles x 12 IC
  • Mt. Climbers x 12 IC

*it can be assumed that everything on this backblast was performed with bricks

PAX then made a line across the Field of Dreams with plenty of space.

  • 5 bear crawls/5 frog jumps- repeat 5x- plank when complete
  • 5 lunges/5 merkins- repeat 5x- plank when complete

Another COM:

  • Curls for the girls x 12 IC
  • Shoulder shrugs x 20 IC
  • Overhead tricep extensions x 12 IC
  • Merkins x 12 IC

PAX then moseyed down to parking lot and grabbed some curb for the infamous Booster curb hops

  • Bunny hops x 20
  • Scissors x 12 each leg
  • Steps ups x 12 each leg

PAX then split up into 3 groups for some parking lot suicides that went something like this (this was not performed with bricks):

  • Butt kicks to first light pole- sprint back/ 10 merkins
  • High knees to second light pole- sprint back/ 10 merkins
  • Back pedal to third light pole- sprint back/10 merkins

Back up to the Field of dreams for one more COM for 6 MoM with bricks, then time to say goodbye to bricks for the day. While it was difficult to see in the gloom, it didn’t appear that the PAX left any bricks on the Field of Dreams #nobricksleftbehind



FNG/FNK (Reboot)- son of Blue Screen, 11 years old at Meadow Glen- likes basketball

Name chain- Purple screen- IPAD- Reboot


  • February 7: Convergence at SnakePit, 7am. If you haven’t been to SnakePit, located at White Knoll High School, you’re missing out on a great AO. This convergence also offers a great DoubleDown opportunity as several pax are participating on The Go Run 5k at 9am. Register here: org.
  • February 28: Lexington Race Against Hunger. 10K starts at 8:20. Plenty of time to post at 6:15 or 6:30 boot camp. Another DoubleDown opportunity. Register here: org
  • March 7: One Year Anniversary Convergence at Graveyard. While March 1 marks our 1-yr anniversary, we’ll celebrate on Saturday, 3/7. New goal: 175 pax! Get the EH machine rolling.
  • April 11: Ultimate Challenge Mud Run. This is F3’s Super Bowl. DO NOT register on the mud run site. F3 will have a special link with which to register. Quisenberry has stepped up to be the F3 Mud Run QIC. This is a huge task. Thanks Quisenberry.  Also, No Show has agreed to be our Mud Run Region Q. Preblast coming soon.
  • May 1: GORUCK Custom Light. Preblast here: http://f3nation.com/2015/01/07/preblast-goruck-custom-light/
  • Distance rucking at the LM Dam on Sundays 0530 and RBHS on Mondays 0515

Prayer requests:

  • Audra Ebo (age 10), advanced Neuroblastoma spread to lungs and bones, currently going through Chemo
  • Sebastian diagnosed with Leukemia Dec 24th, 3rd grader at Meadow Glen there is a funding page

Devotional (by Booster):

On my notepad in my office at work, the bottom line has the verse James 1:22, which reads: Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

This is a scripture that I look at daily, hourly, minutely- as I’m scribbling down “to-dos” for the day. Great way to continually remind me that just because I say I’m a Christian, it isn’t enough. I continually need to be in the word, reaching out to others to help spread the word, rather than let it go in one ear and out the other. Also, great way to reach out to others in the workplace- can write them work related notes and give it to them on this notepad to help start a conversation.

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