• When: 2019-07-04
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Globogym, Wilbur, Boo, Arrears, Little Giants, Wapner, Canseco, Swanson, Kyrie, Booster

Blocks and Up/Downs at Turning Point

10 PAX posted for a July 4th Booster beatdown. Pretty humid, we worked up a good sweat.

Weather- clear and probably 75 or so with high humidity

The Thang:

COP- disclaimer- prayer

Mosey to back parking lot-

SSH, TTT, Squats all IC

Head down to grab a block and go to track. At one side of track, one block merkin, run across field, 1 up/down (burpee without the merkin). Run back and two two block merkins, run across, two up/downs, so on and so forth until PAX got to 8.

Next, PAX partnered up so there were 5 groups and each corner of the track had two blocks. PAX would perform an exercise with the blocks (10 reps) then run to the middle of the field and do 5 up/downs, then go to a different corner, perform exercises with the block (10 reps), back to middle, so on and so forth. A lot of reps, a lot of up/downs. The exercises were curls, shoulder press, chest press, and squats.

PAX then took the blocks back, moseyed to shovel flag, 3 min of abs and that was it.


Great to have Arrears at TP this morning. Will fit in well with our group. T-claps to Boo for posting on 3 hours of sleep. If Boo gives and HC, you can take it to the bank, he will be there.

Announcements- 2nd F dinner on Tuesday, July 9 at Mellow Mushroom around 8:15ish.

Prayer requests- Swanson’s Dad, Little Giants grandma, Kyries family traveling, Boo’s M

Devo- we talked about King David and the part of his life where he drifted into sin, covered up the sin with more sin, and gave in to temptation. I challenged the PAX to examine themselves- is there sin in their lives that is someone else knew they would be called out on. Nathan called David for his sin…is there someone in our lives who loves us enough to call us out? Do we have someone in our lives that we love enough that need to be called out for their sinful ways? Don’t let yourself or others fall into isolation where temptations become easier to give in to.