• When: 2019-08-10
  • QIC: Canseco
  • The PAX: Swanson, Boo (respect), Wapner, Quisenberry, Utah (respect), Globogym, Little Giants, Canseco, Fast Casual, Booster, Quest, Arrears

Blockbuster Tetris – Saturday Turning Point with Canseco Q

12 pax showed up ready to get some work done at 6 AM sharp on a warm and humid Saturday at Midway Elementary school, AKA Turning Point in the F3 world.  Kudos to the pax who showed up at 0530 to get some XL in: Boo (respect), Wapner, Swanson, Arrears (forgive me if I missed anyone who came early and spent extra time getting better

Conditions:  77 degrees and humid….really humid, which should come to no surprise.  HOWEVER, due to the extra lengthy warm up the true perspiring did not occur until about 10 minutes into the work out



Disclaimer, instruction to modify as needed Prayer and then we got to work.

Slowsey from flag to rear teacher parking lot where we circled up:

LBAC X 15 in cadence

Michael Phelps x 15 in cadence

LBAC X 15 opposite direction than started

Raise the Roof x 10 in cadence

Squats x 20 in cadence

TTT x 10 slow count for prolonged stretch (some confusion was created when YHC slowed count even more…which was misinterpreted as a count voice inflection)

Abe Vigoda – slow variation of Windmill x 10 in cadence

4×4’s – (arms raised, burpee into plank position, followed by 4 Merkins and then 4 Mt Climbers) 2 demonstrations given …then 10 OYO

Absolution – Start in plank.  8 count cadence. Cadence “1” Jump feet forward, “2” Jump feet backward, “3” & “4” Drop to each elbow on a count, “5” Jump feet apart, “6” feet together, “7” & “8” rise back up to full plank.    DUE TO THIS EXERCISE BEING CHALLENGING, ONLY 5 CADENCE EXERCISES WERE CALLED.

All pax line up on curb.  Alligator Merkin from curb to center of parking lot, then stand and lunge remainder of the way to the other curb.  Recover.  Alligator Merkin from curb back to center of parking lot, then stand again and lunge remainder of the way to the initial curb the exercise started from.

Absolution – Start in plank.  8 count cadence. Cadence “1” Jump feet forward, “2” Jump feet backward, “3” & “4” Drop to each elbow on a count, “5” Jump feet apart, “6” feet together, “7” & “8” rise back up to full plank.    5 IN CADENCE, BUT WITH FASTER PACE THIS TIME (Thanks Booster)


Mosey to Block Pile, where blocks and bricks were grabbed:

Mosey to the track for a 4 corner WO.  At each corner a specific exercise was to be done for a total count of 25 per each pax.  Pax were broken up onto groups of 2-3 and we started with a group at each station.  The exercises performed at each of the 4 stations were as follows:

Over head Block Press x 25

Dirty Hook-Up on stairs (Start in plank position while facing stairs, then one hand at a time reach out and up to place hand on the steps in front of you so that you are now in horizontal plank.  The return to regular plank position and this was a 1 count)

Curls for the girls using block x 25

Static downward squat position while performing 25 triceps press using bricks

This was rinse and repeated until there were about 12 minutes left when YHC called recover and for all pax to return blocks and bricks back to the pile.

Mosey back to the flag for MARY

Exercises were as follows:

Flutter kicks x 20

Heel taps x 20

Crunchy Frog,,,,My personal favorite (done in cadence call, beginning in a V-sitting position with arms wrapped around knees to hold them to chest.  When called to, arms move out straight to the side and legs are extended outward straight in front.  When called to, arms and legs are pulled back in to starting position.

Box Cutters, followed by Cutter Boxes x 10

Knee Cups x 10



SAFE forum tomorrow night from 5-6 at Mt Horeb

8/17/19 Turning Point boot Camp 6:00-6:45 AM; the 7:00-7:30 2.0 friendly Boot Camp

2.0 friendly Reaper again this Friday???? 8/16 (more to come)

Prayer Requests:

Boosters former co-worker from USC Toni

Overnight and his family

Swanson and his family


Devo:  Be responsible with debt management.  The Bible speaks regarding debt as being 1. A form of slavery, 2. Debt prevents rest, 3. Debt is a procrastinators was of spending money, 4. Debt compromises your ability to provide, 5. Debt compromises your ability to be generous, 6. Debt conflicts with a hard working mindset, 7. Gratitude and faith can keep us from debt

Debt and money stressors are the #1 cause of marital strain.  Be responsible about debt and live within your means.