• When: 2019-06-04
  • QIC: Chum Lee
  • The PAX: Gangum, Hot Stick, Pass Ball, Singlet, Grout, Julep, Teacher's Pet, Rah Rah, and Chum Lee

Birthday Blowout

Can’t think of a better way to kick off one’s  45th birthday than with the men of Tomahawk. The focus was simply to get 45 reps and not worry about proper form or technique – just get the reps!  So, we got the opportunity to perform some pretty silly exercises (ever heard of SSH block jumps?) and discover new things about each other’s past. Grout, do you still have that purple belt from your junior ballerina days?

Conditions:  65 degrees



The Thang:

YHC grabbed a block and mosied a ways with Pax in tow.  Stopped and circled up for a wave of 45 burpees. Mosied a little further before we stopped for 45 Merkins OYO. Another mosey ensued before we stopped for 45 Squats OYO.

Mosey to Pec’s Peak for a little ab work with a partner.  Partner ran down the hill and performed one Mountain Man-Maker and traveled back up while the other partner performed 45 Big-Boys.  Rotate.  Next cycle included flutter-kicks followed by LBC’s.

At the top of the Peak, the Pax circled the lone block while one Pax entered the circle.  The next Pax “in line” picked the exercise for him such as Merkins, Napalms, Curls for the Girls, Block Merkins, Squats, SSH block Jumps (say what?) and other exercises I cannot remember for 45 reps.  We rotated until everyone got a taste. Since it’s not fair for only one Pax to have all the fun, everyone in the circle performed various time killers such as Mountain Climbers, Squats, Peter Parkers, Plank, Imperial Walkers, etc. until all finished.  

Mosey to a wall and assume People’s Chair for 45 seconds for three rounds.  At the conclusion of each round, jump squats, jump lunges, as well as alternating leg lifts were performed.  At this point, delirium set in for YHC and no credit or blame will be accepted.

Mosey to Flag

Count Off

Name Off

Announcements:   Run group meets at bus loop at 5:15 tomorrow morning

Prayer Requests:  McCutchan and Ricard families, All school personnel and students