• When: 5/30/15
  • QIC: Treadmill
  • The PAX: Blackout, Chum, Treadmill

And they thought it might be easy…

On Saturday, YHC decided to take a return trip to Boneyard for a guest Q.  Say Whay?! had been on me about a return, and this Saturday was, my brother, Muggy Tape’s 1 year anniversary Q at Crypt, so it was good timing.  I am honored that my friend MT decided to join the F3 brotherhood 1 year ago.  What he has accomplished with F3 and for F3 is just awesome.  True brother in every way.

Disclaimer and Prayer given by Muggy Tape

The Thang

COP – (See Crypt BB) Seeing as how it was Muggy Tape’s 1 year Q, I decided that Boneyard would join Crypt for COP so that a few more brothers, including myself, could give him a little extra #mumblechatter.  My brother was bringing it and when COP was over, I asked those who wanted to join Boneyard to follow me.  2 pax saw the way Crypt was going and decided to join YHC for what some might think with no running was little easier, right?  …WRONG!

Mosey around to picnic table in side courtyard

  • 3 stations – step-ups, incline merkins, dips
    • 3 seconds at each stations x 2 each

Mosey around to steps

  • Calf raises (Quest would be proud of YHC)
    • Regular x 15 IC
    • Heels in x 15 IC
    • Heels out x 15 IC

Mosey to the bridge (today known as “Bear Crawl Bridge”) – Crowd Pleaser

  • 10 Squats – bear crawl to other side – 10 squats – backwards bear crawl back – plank

Mosey to other courtyard

  • Holding pattern of pain
    • side plank walk in a circle – when YHC calls hault stop and do 10 merkins. Continued until 50 merkins performed

Mosey to Thistle Field

We had to give the shoulders a rest, so why not a little leg work right…

  • 100 squats IC

Let the PLANKFEST begin… (pax holds plank the entire time through each series of exercises each exercise is 30 seconds, short rest between each series)

  • Series 1 – Plank, Low plank, side plank right, side plank left
  • Series 2 – Plank reaches, merkins, hydrolics, reg plank
  • Series 3 – Plank reach thrus, plank jacks, mountain climbers, hip slaps
  • Series 4 – Plank Cha Cha, Plank walk ups, elbow plank right, elbow plank left

Joined back in with a winded Crypt pax for a little Mary (see Crypt BB)


Counterama, Namerama


Oliver Gospel Mission Saturdays 8:30am Finlay Park

June 27 4:30am The Crucible 22 mile ruck between Lexington AO’s

July 10/11 Goruck Challenge/Light

Aug 1 Sweet Baby O 5k

Aug 28th Stomp the Swamp

First Fridays Father this Friday

F3 Winnsboro Launch this Saturday Lexington lead. Awesome opportunity if you have never been a part of a launch

Prayer Requests:

Many spoken requests dealing with kids.  Audra struggling after 6 rounds of chemo, a boy Landon with 2 brain surgery battling a tumor and Walker still fighting since last July.

Devo by YHC: We Now Stand; Romans 5:2


  • Congrats on 1 yr Muggy Tape!  Honored to share the morning in the gloom with you.
  • Great second F during Boneyard with Blackout and Chum.  Those men worked hard!  YHC threw everything he could at them and they killed it!  I was honored to have the opportunity to workout with these two brothers today.



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