• When: 2019-10-01
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Over Exposed, Waze, Caravan, Rumble Strip, FNG (Mail Order), Bondo, Prom Date, Bar Crawl , Boo Boo, Broadhead, Short Haul

11’s on 10-1

Last week, it was once again time for YHC to plan his next couple months’ worth of Q’s. Scanning through the Q-sheet, something really stood out… NO Q’s for Detention in the first couple of weeks. We can’t have that! So day 1 of 2 of this week is chronicled below. Work was done by all, and distances questioned by YHC.

#TCLAPs to the PAX of Detention as a whole. The detainees have brought out more FNG’s than any other AO I have seen thus far this year. Well done men!!

Conditions: Low 70’s, muggy


The Thang —

Mosey to breeze way, circle up for warmup —
Merkins x50 OYO
SSH x40 IC
MTC x30 IC
TTT x20 IC
OHC x10 IC
CP x10 IC
LBAC (Rev) x10 IC

Mosey to back road, far west side. Apparently the locals in the neighborhood behind Detention aren’t fond of music at 0515; madness! In either case, to be respectful, we turned Michael Jackson’s greatest hits down to a quiet level. In other words, after we’d moved 10 feet it was inaudible. Thanks anyway, Bar Crawl! Maybe Thursday YHC will pick a spot that will allow for some jamming!

11’s, in honor of 10/1

This is where things got a bit crazy… YHC looked on the Google for some maps, and didn’t really gauge the distance too well. Suffice it to say, modifications were made. Read on:

Round 1:
From far west side, 10 squats, bear crawl to first light, 1 monkey humper, crawl bear back. Decrease squat reps by 1, increase humpers by 1, always totaling 11. When PAX reach 10 humpers and crawl bear back, plank for 6

The mod: On this one, we swapped crawl bears for mosey’s after about 5 reps. After about 8 reps, we started mosey’ing both ways.

Round 2:
10 LBC’s (in a cadence or 2-count), karaoke facing school to 2nd light, 1 BBSU, karaoke facing school back

The mod: After about 5 reps we started running instead of Karaoke; we stopped around halfway to make sure we had time for Round 3.

Round 3:
10 Merkins, back pedal to 3rd light, 1 Carolina dry dock, sprint back

The mod: Did the exercise as written above, minus a few reps due to time.

Announcements —
20-miler from Stride on Saturday, starting 0430.
F3 Detention P200 Relay teams, message BooBoo if you’re interested in joining up
F3 Ultra Team for P200, need 3 men. Message YHC
Cheech 10K, sign up here

Prayer Requests —
None given, lifted up unspoken requests

Devo – Proverbs 20:14
    It is naught, it is naught, saith the buyer: but when he is gone his way, then he boasteth.

Don’t be cheap! Jesus showed us how to be generous with our resources, whether that be finances or time or love or grace or any other good thing. Give generously; you’ll be glad you did.