• When: 10/14/14
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Donatello, Harp, Chinstrap, Paddle Whacker, Ponzi, Rooney, Julep, Snake, Spirit Fingers, Wedgie

Chasing that Neon Rainbow

As YHC contemplated his VQ, I knew I would incorporate some field running, but like most AO’s we are lacking any markings on our practice field so often times our sprints involve trying to see and count lines, which is complicated enough when you’re not exhausted. So stealing some ideas from kids’ birthday parties, our field was marked off with glow plugs like a neon runway. Mumblechatter was good, and apparently the consensus prior to was that YHC was not much of a runner (true), so imagine their surprise…more so not much of a counter (1,2…..can I get a little help? Anyone? Bueller?) 1, 2,…..5?
Conditions: 75 degrees, Humidity 90% and thick



Mosey to the practice field circle at the 50.

20 IW IC
20 LBC’s IC
10 arm circles forward and 10 backward

Mosey to the goal line
—if you can’t do it, Q it! Is that right?
Welcome to Suicide city, population 10 PAX
Suicide to 20/30/40
25 merkins on each return to goal, Plank when finished
1 min low plank
Sprint to opposite goal

Suicide to 20/30/40 25 Derkins on each return to goal line, plank when finished
1 min low plank
Sprint to opposite goal

Bearcrawl to 10/15/20, backwards bearcrawl to goal each time(crowd pleaser)
20 Hindu squats on each return trip, plank when finished
1 min low plank
Sprint to opposite goal line

Suicide 20/30/40 back pedal each return trip
20 wide squats on each return trip, plank when finished
1 min low plank

During the low planks, the PAX were entertained by State Fair and birthday party stories by Wedgie, sometimes without even a Segway, which was even more entertaining….

Mosey to Pull up bars
PAX circle up and alternate 20 mountain climbers and 20 BBSU while one of the circle does pull-ups AMRAP and passes his number on to the next PAX, one round through and we totaled 105 pull-ups. Good work by the already arm heavy PAX.

Mosey to center of practice field
Circle up at midfield for a little Mary
20 Heel touches IC
20 Flutter kicks IC

Mosey to bottom of big stairwell, Braveheart run (including screams for Freedom by Wedgie ) to the top.

Mosey to front of gym
Countarama, namarama

Announcements and Prayer

Moleskin: As much as I had planned and hoped to have a good work out for the PAX, I had a devotional, which I forgot, but we as a group at Snakepit have to do better about this, as this is an important part of the process. If you’d like to do a devotional even if you don’t Q, please step up.

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