• When: 08/19/14
  • QIC: Scooper
  • The PAX: Muggy Tape, Chicken Fried, Field Goal, Buzzsaw, Hot Spot, Knozit, Clinch, Optimus (FNG), Half Empty, Scotch, Cletus, Turnbuckle, Flab Attack, Peterbilt (FNG), Dirty Bomb, Hash And Rice, Fat Tire, Fire Marshall Bill (FNG), Putt Putt, Peachy, Saw Dust, J J, Scooper

A Little Chicken Fried Whine with A Blast of Bear Crawl

PT Test


Shawshank had 22 PAX including 3 FNGs post for a little PT Test and some field work at the old ball park.  YHC heard some mumble chatter today due to the fact we started our work out with the PT Test. Some of us were there Saturday to witness a Chaser led workout that included a PT Test as well.  With that being said some of the PAX enjoyed their second test in four days.  There was a little WHINE in the group today due to “THE BEAR CRAWL”.  YHC said previously he would not include such an exercise in his workout, but did bring it this morning.


Temp 73 Degrees



The Thang

Mosey to big soccer field near water tower


Side Straddle Hops X 20ic

Through the Tunnel X 20ic

Little Baby Arm Circles X 15ic forward and reverse

Merkins X 10ic

LBC X 10ic


2:00 Merkins switch with partner

2:00 BBSU switch with partner

Double apple sauce to small baseball field

Plank while waiting on six

Just a little Bear Crawl        

1st lap Bear Crawl past first, prisoner lunge past second, broad jump past third, bear crawl home

2nd lap prisoner lunge past first, bear crawl past second, broad jump past third, prisoner lunge home

3rd lap broad jump past first, bear crawl past second, prisoner lunge past third, broad jump home

Single line Indian run to canteen

Buzzsaw led plank o rama while waiting on six

Peoples Chair for 45 sec

10 Merkins IC

rinse and repeat

Name o rama


Moleskin: today the mumble chatter was good, I think due to the fact we had the PT Test and Bear Crawls were present.

Announcements: Stomp the Swamp Saturday at RBHS 08/2714

Name O Rama

Dewayne Davis-Transformation Coach-Transformers-Optimus Prime-Optimus

Keith Atkinson-Fire Investigator-Fire Marshall Bill

Neil Anderson-Diesel Technician SCARNG-Duramaxx-Diesel-Peterbilt

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