• When: 08/19/14
  • QIC: Phonebooth
  • The PAX: Scotchguard, Swampy, Multiply, Uncle Rico, Run Flat, JD, Kumbaya, Wasabi, Eh!, Turbo Tax, Roommate, Magic Mike, C3PO, Rust, Pothole, Slate, Keymaster, Sway, Pablo, Maury, A1A, EZ, Moonshine, Magoo, Silverfish, Knot, Smithers, Queenie, Mary Ann, Henpecked, Crash, EOB, Coppertone, Prime Time (FNG), Rocket Man (FNG), Phonebooth

You mean I have to do a PT test and a Phonebooth workout?!

36 PAX rolled into the gloom this morning to for their monthly PT test and some Phonebooth-induced pain.  Cinder blocks, pull-ups, and high reps always means that two days of soreness are forthcoming.  Brother Sway even stopped by to witness another problematic workout at Depot, especially as we pick up two more FNGs (Prime Time & Rocketman).  YHC thinks we might have to rename Depot as Kudzu because it keeps growing out of control no matter how much you cut it back with new AOs.

Cool 72 deg and temporarily comfortable

Welcome FNGs, gave “the speech”, prayer

Warm-up exercises (4 ct):
– Windmill x 10
– Through the Tunnel x 10
– SSH x 10
– Little arm circles x 10

Move to Soccer field, partner up for PT Test
– 2 min of Merkins
– 2 min of BBS

Move to Playground for Phonebooth special
– Pull-ups x 10
– Rinse/Repeat x 7

Grab a Cinder Block, move to Track field
– 100 Iron Crosses (left, right, center)
– 100 Block Press
– Russian Twist x 30 (4 ct)

Burpee Train showed up, #crowdpleaser

Mosey to Shovel Flag for COT/BOM

Excellent PT Test results & great workout today, lots of high numbers on Merkins. We reached a problematic workout number again which caused a slight delay on the Pull-ups, waiting for some space. Keep bringing friends and coworkers as the Dutch Fork AO kickoff is imminent, #starfish. See the link below to the PT Test spreadsheet showing your results from today and prior.


– Brother Nailpop’s son, Walker, is doing better. We understand that he should be discharged to a Recovery facility in Atlanta or Charlotte in the next week or so. Continue to pray for Walker and his family each day at noon.
– Fall Mud Run numbers exceed 600 for F3 Columbia. There is still time to sign up. You can talk to Crash or find the information on the F3 Nation website.
– Go Ruck signups are still going to a wait list, but there is always some attrition so it is very possible that you can get a slot. Go to F3 Nation website for info.
– Magoo is chairing the Governor’s Cup half Marathon for F3 Columbia. They are also having an 8K if you don’t want to do the half marathon. Pre-blast should come out this week with more details.
– If you want to Q a workout in the future, please reach out to one of the regular Qs or Crash for more details. You may want to co-Q with someone that has done it before so you get your feet wet with an experienced Q.
– Just a reminder about the other workouts going on (see F3 Nation website for more details):
– Swagger (running) on M/W at 5:30am, meet at the old Blockbuster in Irmo and on Fridays, meet at 5:30am behind the Dunkin Donuts on Lake Murray Blvd.
– Anchor (Kettle Bell workout) at the Irmo side of the Dam, near the public boat ramp. Bring one Kettle bell, 25 lb or less. Meet at 5:30am.
– The Bull – downtown on Bull St, run a hill, run the stairs of a parking garage with Merkins at the top, BBS at the bottom in each of the four corner stairwells, then back to starting point. Do as many times as possible in 45 min, with or w/o weight belts or vests.

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