• When: 09/06/14
  • QIC: BuzzSaw
  • The PAX: Bob the Builder, Baby Daddy, Melt Down, Optimus, Half –Empty, Turnbuckle, Bing, Malfunction Junction, Pavarotti, BuzzSaw

20 Hours of Brick Work

10 Pax showed up for my first Q and they thought that I was going to have them run a lot but that is easy, so I laid down a challenge – A 1 hour Brick Workout without releasing the brick from your hands, but only to place it somewhere on themselves.                                                                           
I’m very pleased to say that everyone rose to the Challenge and was able to complete the workout while holding the bricks at the same time. GREAT JOB EVERYONE

The Warm up

Mosey around the creek to the Brick Pile- Instructions were given to everyone to hold the Bricks for the duration of the workout.
SSH IC x 15 (WB)
Little Arm Circles IC x 10 both directions (WB)
Bear Crawl (WB) Goal to Center Line then Walking Lunges with Hands over head (WB) Center Line to Goal. Plank until everyone is back
Bent over Flies IC x 15 (WB)
Merkins with single Arm raise x 20 IC (WB)

Mosey over to the benches-
Count off by 3’s each group does each exercise
1 Group – Dips using the bench with Bricks in their laps (WB) 1 minute AMAP
2 Group – Decline Merkins at the top single arm curls each arm (WB) 1 minute AMAP
3 Group – Single arm Curls (WB) 1 minute AMAP

Burpees x 10 (WB)

Hill Run – 10 squats (WB) then sprint to the top of the Hill – 1 Burpee (WB) sprint back down repeat x 10- Plank when everyone is finished

Mosey over to the Bridge-
Bridge Chair Hands to the Sky-Seated position against the rail on the Bridge hands over head (WB) 1 minute
Bridge Chair Flies-Seated position against the rail on the Bridge -Overhead flies IC x 15
Bridge Chair Curls – Seated position against the rail on the Bridge-Single Arm Curls (WB) 1 minute

Mosey over to the Cover Shelter-
Little Baby Crunches (WB) on your checst IC x 40
Bench Step Up (WB) IC x 40
6” Leg rise with one Brick being held with your feet and the other on your chest. Body is in a wide V position- 20 seconds x 5
Sail and Boat- Using the same wide V position and bricks on hand do spread eagle to make a Sail then pull in to make the boat – 20 seconds x 5

Mosey back to the soccer fields-
5 burpees each time someone drop a brick or released their hand from the brick when it was on the ground = 25 burpees for the group.

Mosey back to the Brick Pile to return bricks and then back to the Shelter

Mud Run 10-4-2004
GoRuck 11-21-2014

Prayer Requests-
Baby Daddy and his Wife with a new 2.0 coming soon
Safe vacation for Malfunction Junction Family

Note- compiled by BuzzSaw

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