• When: 2018-01-16
  • QIC: Wally
  • The PAX: Wally, Duckie, McNugget, Blowout, Garnish, Splinter, Thurston, Gaston, Boo Boo, Pinkman, Eldrick, Collar, Billybob

We toooo deep

In order to celebrate the decision by Christian Wilkins and two of his fellow defensive linemen to return to THE Clemson University, YHC thought this a perfect opportunity to commemorate this with a themed workout of the most dominant defensive line in all the land.

Conditions: Really cold 27-ish.

Tha Thang:

Grab the blocks and mosey down to the bus loop.  Partner up for the first exercise.

Austin Bryant #7(YHC can’t do math and therefore had the count wrong but intended to do 7×4 four times)

-American Hammers x24 followed by Berkins(brick merkins)x24 while one partner runs the bus loop.  Repeat x4.

Clelin Ferrell#99

-On your own, Clean Jerk x33 with the block, 33 Flutter kicks, 33 Freddy mercury

Christian Wilkins #42

-Mosey on over to the wall of Satchelford and with the bricks, (do a minute Wallsit with the brick, 30 sec in raise brick over head)x 4.  In between, 10 Clean jerks with the brick for first two sets, and 11 for the second two sets.

Dexter Lawrence#90

-Mosey back to the bus loop with the bricks for another round with parners, 15 Decline merkins on the bricks and 15 lunges with the bricks while the other partner runs the bus loop x3.    Head back to deposit the bricks and head to COT.

BOM – Wally

  • All PAX are invited to participate in the GrowSchool Leadership event on 1/27.
  • Donations ongoing for Palmetto Place.  Bring items from this list to BillyBob: https://www.palmettoplaceshelter.org/blog/january-needs-list
  • Prayers for Boo Boo’s M as she gets ready for second 2.0 tomorrow.
  • Prayers for BillyBob’s 2.0 who is getting over RSV.
  • Prayers for Splinter as he evaluates possible head coaching gig.