• When: 2019-01-10
  • QIC: Huffy
  • The PAX: Costanza, Cesspool, Oscar, Robber, Insanity, Poptart, Pole Position, Milton, Spot, Long Neck Joe, Beads, Welcome Week, Strudel, Huffy

Thunder’s Emily Circuits

14 PAX came out in a slightly chilly day for some pain station circuits around Emily Douglas Park.

The Thang

Disclaimer and Count Off, Don’t forget that number

Mosey to Wheat and King

25 Imperial Walkers IC
Count off again

Mosey Down to the park and grab some blocks and place by the playground equipment.

The Main Event

Around Emily Douglas park, Queen, Blossom, and King streets 8 pieces of paper placed on signs, poles or fences detailing the exercises done at each station.  The group split in two with each group going in the opposite direction.

10 Count of Each

Station 1 With Blocks at the Playground
Squat Thrusters
Bench Press

Station 2 Back of Park
Hand Release Merkins
Carolina Dry Docks
Wide Arm Merkins

Station 3 Queen and Blossom
Lunge Walk
Bear Crawl
Crab Walk

Station 4 King and Blossom
Freddie Mercury
Iron Cross With Partner From The Other Direction
Big Boy Sit Up

Station 5 King St Steps
Pulse Ups
Chaser LBC
Sky Ups

Station 6 King and Wheat 
Little Baby Arm Circles
Calf Raises
Imperial Walkers

Station 7 Amphitheater 
Decline Merkins
Incline Merkins

Station 8 Park Fountain
Tuck Jumps
Squat Jumps


True Boris fashion with the printouts.
These guys can’t remember their numbers.
Cesspool apparently doesn’t like partner exercises.
You can hear the Robber mumble chatter clear across the park