• When: 02/09/17
  • QIC: Paperboy
  • The PAX: Muffin, Insanity, Improve, Boris, Hustler, Betamax, Beads, Jenny, Spot, Froman, Copay, fng Muana

Things escalate quickly at Thunder (home of Emily)

13 PAX voluntarily showed up at Hand this morning for a run, with 500 reps and 100+ burpees mixed in for fun.  YHC started a Twitter campaign in an attempt to reach 20 PAX, but alas it failed and posting lost out to the ol ‘sack.  Numbers are down all around town which causes Beads to frown.

But this morning we moved on and the PAX responded with efforts c’est bon.  Copay brought an FNG who dove into the workout with glee.  Tank-tops were worn by many who posted, possibly to show of their arms that would soon be roasted.  Beta and Beads even donned jammies in YHC’s honor, probably cause they recognize i’m so much brawner.

Conditions: 60 degrees just for YHC

The Thang:

YHC skipped the requisite SSH’s in favor of a quick jaunt down King Street.  The group stopped at Duncan for the first exercise:

2 burpees (an actual crowdpleaser)

We moseyed on to the next intersection at Monroe for:

4 burpees (PAX started getting suspicious)

Jog it on out down to Heyward for what!?!

6 burpees (angry looks start forming)

Bust it on down to Burney for you guessed it:

8 burpees (at this point YHC jokingly suggested taking this plan all the way to #blitz, Muffin was not amused)

Rather than continue this burpee charade, YHC hooked a left on Burney and skipped across Woodrow to Maple street for…

10 burpees (Beta was definitely cursing at this point)

A quick mosey to Sloan allowed YHC to switch up the plan.  It was now time for a series of 11’s (1 rep of an exercise, 10 of another.  1 goes up to ten while 10 goes down to one.)  The exercises were planned to cause max pain, grunting and sweat:


After that miserableness, we headed down to Holly for the next round:

Bigboy situs/Pulse Ups (at this point Copay and his FNG buddy Muana digressed into a fit of giggles over the pulse ups.  Subby has obviously not Q’d at the #pooppile.)

Jog it over to Shandon for:

Squats/Monkey Humpers (real crowdpleaser)

Hang a Louie and head to Heyward for another 11:


Scoot on up to Monroe:
Merkins/Plankjacks (extreme crowdpleaser!)

YHC led the group to Duncan where we cranked up the burpee train:

10 burpees

Head on down to Wilmot for some more fun:

12 burpees (YHC actually planned to go down on the burpee count but the PAX were getting this work done with a quickness)

Mosey over to Wheat street for?

14 burpees (Beta was in full PO mode at this point)

Left down to Holly:

16 burpees (at this point YHC was even sick of it, but Hustler’s efficiency was infectious)

Jog it down to Maple for another:
18 burpees

At this point time was running short so YHC led the PAX back to the flag for a 2 minute burpee burnout, followed by a quick lap around the parking lot (selfishly so YHC could get a full 2 miles in).

Overall the PAX crushed this workout while providing top notch mumble chatter, which is always expected and welcomed at #Thunder.

BOM by Muffin

Devo by Jenny – an excellent devo that started with a tin of lego heads and finished with reminding everyone about the importance about looking past the exterior for the goodness inside of people

Boo OUT!


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