• When: 03/04/2017
  • QIC: Splinter and SubPrime
  • The PAX: Chaser, Underwood, Dodgeball, Venti, Adrian, Heist, Robber, Borat, Rosinbagger, BillyBob, Ronda, Collar, Cesspool, McLovin, HeeHaw, Misfire, Splinter, SubPrime

#theCalf is introduced at #Battle for 18 strong

#Battle AOQ, Splinter, and YHC were on the docket for this morning’s QIC and an incredible 18 strong posted for the #beatdown.  YHC, suffering from writer’s block, reached out to Splinter for a little direction for the workout.  The suggestion?  Maybe head over to the mall parking garage for a Bull-like workout.  OK.  Let’s roll.  And when we’re done let’s plank for an eternity.  That was #Battle today.

Conditions: 34 and chilly

The Thang:

SubPrime Q

Depart #Battle heading down Falcon toward Beltline.  Cross Beltline and pause at J. Peters.

  • Merkins – 20 (OYO)

Continue up Beltline turning left into the Mall property.  Pause at the wall for

  • Muscle Ups – 10 (OYO)

Continue through the parking lot to the first stairwell. Wait for direction.  Welcome to #theCalf

Run to the far, third stairwell, climb to the top, and do 10 burpees.  Return to the bottom and do 20 squats.  Run to middle stairwell, same thing, run to the third stairwell (where we began), same thing.  Rinse & Repeat #AMRAP for 20 minutes decreasing one rep each time through (so, 10/20, 10/20, 10/20 – 9/19, 9/19, 9/19, and so on and so forth). – #CrowdPleaser

Handoff to Splinter

Run back to the top of the deck – #GlobUp at the top

  • Glob Run (everyone gets in a wad and in disorganized fashion the pax take turns running a lap around the entire glob.  Think IndianRun meets Bull in the Ring).  Continue this all the way back to the parking lot at the end of Landmark Dr.
  • Bear Crawl Across parking lot and continue onto Florawood and into the #BattleLoop Area

Circuit – 

  • 3 Pax at a time do 1 Minute #AMRAP Pull Ups while
  • The remainder do reverse-lunge/knee ups
  • Rinse & Repeat Until All Pax Cycle Through

Run to COD (Circle of Death)

Plank Sequence – Major #CrowdPleaserCrowdDispleaser

  • Splinter calls a 15 minute plank.  If your knees touch the ground “you have no character”
  • During this sequence we did #regular, #low, #rightarmup, #leftarmup, #rightarmonhip, #leftarmonhip, 5 perfect merkins, mountain climbers x 20, hands close/feed spread apart, hands spread apart/feet together.
  • Sequence had to be cut to 12 minutes because we are, well, human beings

#AYG back to COT


BOM – closed out by SubPrime


  • 18 pax!  Solid, strong, and inspirational numbers at #Battle today.  Thank you to all who posted.  Come back!  The #Battle pax need you and you need them.
  • #theCalf – This was sorta unoriginal but solid.  Subbing the burpees for merkins helped simulate the heart rate issues the real #Bull brings on with the hill climb.
  • Plank Sequence – this was just ridiculous but everyone took at least a small step toward having #SplinterAbs thanks to it


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