• When: 2018-02-22
  • QIC: Sweetness
  • The PAX: Misfire, Eldrick, Collar, Billy Bob, Wally, Pinkman, Kitty, McNugget

I think we’re in the Orange Zone now

9 folks expected an easy workout this morning, assuming YHC had just been sleeping in during the recent cold months.  Some might have still found it easy, but it was slightly unique nonetheless.

Conditions: 62 and just right.  3 degrees colder would have required an audible Q swap.

The Thang:

Warm up

SSH x 30 IC

Little baby arm circles forwards, backwards, and raise the roof while YHC gave a longer than anticipated spiel about the workout.  While away, YHC has enjoyed some indoor Orange Theory Workouts.  In that spirit, YHC explained the run zones- base pace (normal jog), push pace (faster jog), and all out (a solid run pace).

Took off down Briarfied to the bottom of the hill.  From there, partner up.  Partner 1 runs to the top and back in base pace while Partner 2 does squats then swap.  Next, P1 runs Push Pace while P2 does big boy sit ups, then swap.  Next, P1 runs all out while P2 does Merkins, then swap.  30 SSH IC just for fun.

Jog together a ways to the corner of Pinehill and Mosshill Road- not too far but still unknown territory for the PAX (except YHC who lives there).  P1 runs down the street and back while P2 does squats, then swap.  Seeing as time was creeping up, that’s all we did there.

Jog together to the corner of Cedar Springs and Sylvan Roads.


15 slow merkins IC (despite promising no more cadence after the warm up, sorry)

Jog together to the bottom of Briarfield again.  P1 runs Push Pace up the hill, P2 does Burpees.  Swap and repeat for 2 sets total.

Jog together to “the base camp” aka COT.

Announcements:  lots of them from Billy Bob.  See below:

 F3 Columbia Convergence at The Mission – On March 28, The Mission will celebrate its anniversary as a part of F3 Columbia. To celebrate the power of this most significant of AOs, we will conduct a convergence on March 31 at 830 AM at The Mission. Please consider posting to support the men of the Oliver Gospel Mission who post at The Mission. This AO is an extremely powerful place to post, and YHC can assure you that you will leave on March 31 having been impacted by the Pax of The Mission. Over the next month and prior to the Convergence, consider posting at The Mission. The Pax there need your support, and you, while you do not know it, will be powerfully impacted and blessed by the Pax of The Mission.

F3 Palmetto Place Service Day – We are looking for an extra hand or two to help at a Work Day from 1000 AM to 100 PM on February 24. While we will be primarily painting the inside of the residence, we are likely to find things to do should we have more guys show up. If you have availability, even for 30 minutes to an hour, please consider lending a hand. HC to Termite at [email protected] if you are interested.

F3 Good Friday Cross Ruck – On March 30, we will conduct a Cross Ruck. Be on the lookout for a Pre-Blast with more details to come.