• When: 2018-01-30
  • QIC: Gaston (with an accent on the O)
  • The PAX: Wally, Detour, Garnish, Collar, Eldrick, Pinkman, Gazer, BillyBob, Misfire, Duckie, Gaston

#Hammer, the last Tuesday of January 2018

YHC fancies himself as more of a runner than a boot-camper. But Collar must have wanted to change that so, without consulting YHC, I found myself added to the list of Hammer Qs. For YHC’s VQ. Yes, you read that right. Somehow YHC has slipped through the cracks. But no more.

10 pax and YHC emerged from the fartsack for an assortment of exercises. YHC was a little off the mark on calling exercises and cadences, but eventually YHC found his rhythm and the pax obliged.

Conditions: 40 with a little bit of wind.

The Thang:
5 burpees OYO
Mosey to corner of Ila and Briarfield. SSH x 21 IC
Mosey to corner of Ila and Satchel Ford. Mtn. Climber x 20 IC
Mosey to corner of Briarfield and Satchel Ford. Flutter kicks x 20 IC

The above triangle was repeated two more times with the following on each corner:
20 Merkins OYO
30 squats OYO
20 sit-ups OYO

Mosey to bball court:
Bearcrawl down and back
Lunges down and back
LBAC x 20 IC
Tuck jump x 10

Partner up
100 merkins total with each partner doing 50 reps in sets of 10. One partner planked while the other partner did reps.

Front to back hops – 1 min.
Ski hops – 1 min.
Slumdogs – 1 min.

Partner back up
100 LBCs with each partner doing 50 reps in sets of 10, while the other partner held his own feet 6 inches off ground.

Mosey back to COT
SSH x 20 IC
5 burpees OYO

F3/FIA happy hour Feb 11 at River Rat (3pm?)